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How to Balance Your Diet

A balanced diet is one that gives the body the right nutrient it needs in order to function effectively. Having a balanced diet a key to hav [...]

6 Unhealthy Things You’re Adding To Your Salad

Inasmuch as salads are one of the healthiest foods we have around, they can be actually turned from healthy to something completely differen [...]

4 Tips For Losing 10 kg Within A Week

It is true that the weight loss process can take a while and all whatnot. But it’s also possible to lose weight really fast. There have be [...]

3 Innocent-looking Foods That Harm Your Metabolism

You could think of metabolism as an inbuilt machine in your body that is responsible for burning calories. If your metabolism isn’t functi [...]

5 Foods That Are Very High In Omega- 3

If you’ve not been eating enough omega-3s, now is the time to start. Omega-3 fatty acids have a whole lot of benefits for your body and br [...]

5 Challenges To Expect During A Weight Loss Program

Losing weight is not an easy task at all. It takes a lot of will power to start the process. You might already know that it takes a lot to p [...]

5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

Despite the fact that you’ve disciplined yourself to stay from so many foods that you love, just in the name of losing weight, you still g [...]

The Top 3 Lunch Recipes For Weight Loss

It’s high time you stop wasting your money on buying foods that pack on double your daily calorie need. Most of these foods are found in s [...]

5 Delicious Recipes Made With Healthy Fat

The issue of fat consumption has been misunderstood so much by so many people. They tend to think that all fats are bad. So they advise othe [...]

5 Breakfast Recipes That Will Help You Lose Weight Faster

You lose weight when the amount of calories you expend is more than the amount of calories you take in. This can be done through diet (eatin [...]
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