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Easy Way To Lose Weight in Dubai

Lots of people want to lose weight but not many not only stick to it but also are able to document the knowledge to share with others.  Thi [...]

Strength is the weakness For Losing Weight in Dubai

This is a small part of the weight loss story from an ordinary women who worked against all odds to lose wight and get back into shape.  Th [...]

Ordinary Women in Dubai Finds Real Secrets To Weight Loss and Documents It All

Want to lose weight in Dubai or any other part of the world; you must read this journey of an ordinary women who, not only figured out how t [...]

Weight Loss Dubai – How I Lost 50 Pounds in 5 Months from Home

Hi guys, my name is Alana and I am going to share a part of my life with all the women out there who want to lose weight and reclaim their l [...]

Female Personal Trainer in Dubai Reveals Weight Gain Secret for Women

If you’re a skinny woman who wants to gain weight but does not want to bulk up, I encourage you to lift heavy weights. I’m a cer [...]

4 Simple Tips for Preventing Injuries While Running

We just closed another cross country season and my 5th daughter’s accomplishments for this year made me very proud. She made personal [...]

Top Reasons Why I Have a Personal Trainer in Dubai

Some people think they know a lot but what they forget is, even the top athletes in the world have personal trainers and coaches.  In Dubai [...]

Simple Ways To Stay Motivated to Exercise In Dubai

One of the hardest aspects of exercise for some people is staying motivated in Dubai. If you live in Dubai you would know staying motivated [...]

Gym Equipment In Dubai : A Beginners Guide

Being a brand new member in a gym in Dubai can be a little overwhelming, especially when there are so many gyms and machines to use. This fe [...]

Best Way to Tone Your Abs and Get a Six Pack

For years, many have felt that sit-ups or crunches are the greatest way to achieving tight, toned abs. A recent study by the American Counci [...]
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