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How to Start a Personal Training Business in Dubai UAE

How to Start a Personal Training Business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Ajman or any other part of UAE?

While you may have always wanted to start your own Personal Training Business, it’s not as easy as it may sound and requires several steps to be followed. In this guide we’re going to walk you through all the steps and give you all the essential ingredients to start your own business successfully in Dubai.


Getting Started with Your Personal Training Business

Broadly speaking, there are three steps to getting started with your own personal training business. And while we’re going to talk about all the things that are necessary for success, you can never underestimate the importance of hard work and dedication. Like any other business, personal training requires you to give your all and perform consistently every day in order to grow and excel.


First Step: Getting the Requisite Training & Qualifications


The starting point for your business is obviously your own qualifications and skills. In Dubai you must be qualified and also must have a valid personal trainer visa to train people.  Even when you are qualified and have a valid visa for UAE; it won’t cut it alone, you will also need business skills and the ability to market yourself, generate leads and convert them into clients.

Keeping all this in mind, it is evident that you will need to have both technical and business skills in order to pursue your dream, build a successful business in Dubai and grow it.

Along with all the formal qualifications and legal visa, you also need to work on you as a person and build yourself into one of the best trainers out there. Simply being capable will not be enough; you need to be actually good at what you do, so you can deliver tangible value to your clients, which will then be complimented by your business skills.

In order to help you put things in perspective, we’re giving you a list of the Four most common issues which result in the failure of personal training businesses.

  • Trying to do it Alone
  • Failure to understand the overall clientele – Understanding which people need personal training and why they need it is important to deliver upon expectations.
  • Failure to identify a target market – Every personal trainer has his/her own personality and consequently a potential segment of the market that he/she is best suited to. The failure to identify this segment and target it will bring your business down before it can even stand up.
  • Failure to deliver upon client expectations – Your real work starts when you get clients. It is then that your personal training skills come to the fore, and if you’re not up to mark, you will lose clients quickly.


How to avoid these failures?

If you have the four concerns listed above in control, you’ll be able to avoid the most common pitfalls of this industry. You should ask yourself the four questions we’ve listed below to find out whether you’re ready for the challenge:

Q1: Do I know why my prospective clients will actually need my services? What do I offer them?

Q2: Do I know the specific segment or type of people I am going to try and attract? Am I in a position to reach out to them and build relationships?

Q3: Do I have the technical expertise and skills to deliver upon my clients’ needs, the way they expect?

Q4: Who can help me so i don’t have to do it alone

While no one can answer question three better than you, you may need help with questions one, two  and four. For these we’ve got a complete Business Plan for our subscribers – Click Here to subscribe now and receive your free copy.


Second Step: Set up a Place to Work

Once you are personally ready to start, you will need to find a place you can work from. Once again, this is a challenging step, and has a huge impact on the eventual success of your business.

In order to pick the perfect place to set up, you should consider the following factors:


Pick the right club with the right culture

Most personal trainers start from fitness clubs, and while all fitness clubs work on the same things, they all have their own cultures. This is important because the fitness club you choose to work with will define how your brand of personal training “looks and feels” like.

If you are unhappy with the place, you’re not going to enjoy working there, and that will reflect on your clients as well. Moreover, if you don’t pay attention to picking the right place initially, eventually you will be stuck, because you won’t be able to move to another place so easily without inconveniencing and potentially losing your existing clients.

Hence, before you set up, pick the location and place carefully, keeping not only the present but the future in mind as well.

Go for a place that can benefit you as well

A club that is busy, has a high number of memberships and is reliable in terms of business, is going to help your business and personal brand as well.

Similarly, if the club you pick isn’t being run properly, you will suffer the consequences as well. A good approach is to compare your options thoroughly before you start working, because a large number of personal trainers fail and leave the industry because they choose the wrong place to work in.


Third Step: Work on a Solid Business Plan

Before you work on a business plan you need to understand the basics of this business niche. Personal training is a little different than most businesses, because you are essentially selling your clients the possibility of a future result.

Similarly, the main product in this business is your skill set, experience and personality. So it is all about you and how you market yourself.


Doing it alone is one of the biggest reasons for business failure

The main challenge here is that most trainers don’t have the resources, knowledge and the connections to grow their business in the start (they try to do it all alone), which is where we come in. provides you all the tools you need to get started, so you can focus on doing what you do best and let us handle everything else.   We sort you out with a personal trainer visa in Dubai (if you don’t have one), we help you market (clients we get you, we take 15% and you take 85%), we have direct relations with all sorts of companies in the UAE and we provide you with unparallel resources.


Fact: Every trainer who partnered with is Sensational about our Revolutionary “growing personal training business process in Dubai”. Most importantly every single personal training partner with is growing on weekly basis.


What’s next?

Get in touch with us today, growing your financial freedom doesn’t have to be alone.

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  • Richard Bacon
    6th October 2015 - 10:03 am | Permalink

    Hi there

    My wife and I want to start a personal training business in Abu Dhabi next year. I wonder if you can answer these 3 questions for me:
    1) what formal qualifications are required? (We are both reps l3 qualified personal trainers)
    2) what are the requirements in terms of premises? (We would like to have an office and a small training studio)
    3) what is the correct license activity for a PT business.

    We really appreciate your time in attending to this query.

    With best regards


    • Fatou Njie
      7th October 2015 - 10:58 am | Permalink

      Hello, You can contact us on WhatsApp number: +971 55 432 4361
      We’ll get in touch.

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