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5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

Despite the fact that you’ve disciplined yourself to stay from so many foods that you love, just in the name of losing weight, you still get discouraged each time you stand on a scaling weight to check your weight. And you’ve been asking yourself “what am I doing wrong?” Well, there are a couple of things that you might be doing wrong, without even realizing that they might be the reason why your weight loss program isn’t effective. Read on to find out more:

1. Doing only cardio


So many studies have shown that strength training is more effective for shedding fat and building muscles than cardio. It’s true that cardio helps burn more calories, but it actually burn both fat and muscles in the process. You need muscles in order to lose weight efficiently, because the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn at rest.

The reason why most women are scared of strength training is because they believe that’ll cause them to bulk up and look manlier, but the truth is, it takes more than just strength training for that to happen and the female body is not optimized for this process.

Try adding more strength training to your workout programs. Exercises like squats and push-ups will allow you to use your body weight and could be done at home. Also if you’re working out in the gym with free weights, you could use weights ranging from 1 to 5 kg.

2. Skipping meals

skipping meals

This is also another very common mistakes that most women make. Whether intentionally or unintentionally (perhaps because you have so much work to do), it still doesn’t help in your weight loss quest in anyway.
Skipping meals will affect your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) and also affect your appetite, causing you to crave for food that is high in calories at your next meal.

Breakfast especially should never be taken for granted. Your body needs food to boost its metabolism every morning, due to the fact that you’ve been fasting through the night and your metabolic rate has been seriously lowered.

3. Cutting out carbs completely


Carbs have the responsibility of fueling your brain function and physical activity and this in turn gives you the motivation and strength to work out, so you don’t need to completely cut them out. All you need to do is to eat your carbs, but in moderate quantities. You should also try choosing whole grains where possible.

4. Overdosing in protein and Fiber


Just because you were told that protein and fiber are good for weight loss doesn’t mean that you should overeat them. Most of these foods, when consumed in excess, still get stored as fat. Be careful not to eat too much of these foods daily.

5. Eating late at night


The majority of people that are obese today have been discovered to be late-night eaters. What happens when you eat late at night, is that you’re likely to fall asleep soon and when you sleep, your metabolic rate is slower and therefore most of the food you had for dinner gets stored as fat.


If you correct these mistakes, you can be sure of seeing impressive results within just a month. Remember, consistency is the key to weight loss.

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