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Three Weeks to Summer Shorts Plan

Let’s face it, the thought of stripping off the layers and revealing, pale, bare flesh is enough to make most of us a little anxious. [...]

4 Exercise Moves For Slimmer Hips And Thighs

Stronger, fitter legs come with a number of advantages including increased coordination, agility, strength for everyday tasks such as liftin [...]

3 Easy Exercises to Develop Knee Strength

Knee injuries are among the worst things that could happen to any active person as they often take quite a long time to heal, and may never [...]

5 Steps to Rehabilitating Bad Knees

Knee injuries are any active person’s worst nightmare and many an athlete or sportsperson has had their career ended by an unexpected seri [...]

8 Ways To Do Squats For Beginners

When it comes to fitness and developing a stronger body, most people focus much more on their upper body because, of course, a strong upper [...]


Squat is a type of strength training that pertains to full body training, focusing primarily on the hip muscles, thigh muscles and buttocks. [...]
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