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A Guide to Pilates

Do you want to do Pilates, but you know nothing about it? Here is a full guide on what you need to know about Pilates. What is Pilates? Pila [...]


Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical exercise that involves meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures. It originated from [...]

Pilates As a Recreation Therapy in Dubai

Pilates As a Recreation Therapy in Dubai Pilates has taken the fitness world by storm. Health and fitness gurus around the world are finding [...]

Common Mistakes You’re Making In Pilates Without Noticing.

If proponents of Pilates are to be believed, Pilates aren’t just any ordinary method of exercise: they connect the mind and the body [...]

10 Reasons To Choose Pilates Over Yoga.

Pilates and yoga are more often than not tossed into the same category. Being that they both emphasize physical and mental strength with the [...]
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