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5 Tips on How to Improve your Yoga Skills

For some people, yoga is being able to bend so well, and they sometimes give up since they lack the ability to bend. Often times, we forget [...]

Benefits Of Yoga

If you want to sleep better, feel more relaxed and at ease, yoga is your sport. Here are some of the benefits of yoga: Flexibility All the s [...]

3 Yoga Poses For The Back

The back extends from the shoulders to the hips of the human body, and basically supports the full body stamina. Many people suffer from low [...]

5 Yoga Poses For Relaxation

Everyone needs relaxation, and for every workout, there should be a corresponding cooling down exercise, especially for cardio and strength [...]

10 Benefits of Yoga You Should Know

The benefits of yoga cannot be overemphasized. Though some people think it’s all about sitting down and meditating, modern science is sta [...]

6 Yoga Exercises To Get A Slimmer Face

It becomes a great concern when you look at the mirror and see the reflection of someone with fat cheeks staring back at you. Having a fat f [...]

3 Yoga Positions For Strengthening Core Muscles

Having a strong core is very important. Asides from the fact that it will obviously improve your look, strong core muscles are essential for [...]

6 Easy Ways To Stay Fit When Pregnant

Some expectant women often wonder what to do to remain fit while in pregnancy. While some see it as being near-impossible, some others find [...]

Salute To The Sun- The Simplest and Most Effective Yoga Posture

You should ideally perform this graceful cycle of 12 basic postures in the morning, to prepare you for the day ahead. For an aerobic workout [...]

Six Therapeutic Yoga Poses For Reproductive Health

All the major reproductive events in a woman’s life – menstruation, pregnancy and menopause- are controlled by hormones and may be a [...]
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