Monthly Archives: June 2016

A Muslim Mom With Her 4 Month Old Son Gets Attacked In A Grocery Store

Police in London, Ontario, Canada, charged the woman in this photo with assault after she allegedly attacked a Muslim woman who was grocery [...]

5 Best Snacks Recipes That Are Weight Loss Efficient

When you are really starved, especially at unusual hours of the night. It’s better to skip all those potato chips that may be stashed away [...]

6 Ways To Help You Crave Healthy Foods

The benefits of eating healthy and clean can never and will never be overemphasized. This should be a necessity because it improves your hea [...]

5 Safe Cardiovascular Exercises That Don’t Pressure Your Knees

A person with a knee injury, new or old, will know how it is to feel the pain again especially with extreme cardio. Running, in particular, [...]

5 Machines In The Gym That Every Woman Must Avoid

Exercise machines aren’t always effective or even safe for use because some tend to cause more harm than good. Your goals, fitness level a [...]

5 Foods To Avoid If You Want Six Packs

It’s quite common for people to have that extra fat around the tummy. This can be very inconvenient for a lot of people. But the question [...]

5 Non-Running Cardio Workouts

It seems that knee pain and injuries are far more common than not these days and can easily interfere with your favorite activities and exer [...]

5 Foods That Are Unhealthy For The Brain

There are some foods, which kill your brain’s intelligence slowly but surely. Everything we eat affects our brain’s functionality. H [...]

5 Fun Ways To Stay Hydrated

It is very important that you always stay hydrated, but if you have problems drinking water, lucky for you there are other healthier ways to [...]

7 Amazing Benefits Of Sweating

Sweat is the physical evidence that we have a built-in air conditioner. If you haven’t heard this saying before, well, there’s always a [...]
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