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3 Negative Effects of Swimming

Swimming is popularly known to be one of the best cardio exercises, especially for expectant mothers. They are also your best choice if you& [...]

4 Health Benefits of Swimming

Most people swim for swimming sake and just to have fun, or as a form of a sport competition but don’t even know about all the great b [...]

6 Reasons To Choose Swimming For Weight-loss

Most people have the misconception that swimming cannot aid in weight-loss. How wrong can they be? Just like running, walking and jogging, s [...]

6 Foods You should Eat as a Swimmer

Swimming can be called a “critical sport”. This is because it requires every muscle in the body to work at the same [...]

Swimming Instructor Jobs in Dubai

Swimming is a big thing for a lot of people in Dubai and there are a lot of jobs available for qualified swimming instructors. Dubai has som [...]

The 3 Basic Swimming Techniques for Beginners

Swimming is not rocket science but learning how to swim can be pretty daunting. The process could be made much easier if you would (unlike m [...]
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