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Three Weeks to Summer Shorts Plan

Let’s face it, the thought of stripping off the layers and revealing, pale, bare flesh is enough to make most of us a little anxious. [...]

Let your body and mind enjoy all that Pilates has to offer:

Our Certified and experienced coaches will help you to start an excellent preventative technique to strengthen and stabilize your core muscl [...]

12 scientifically proven reasons Pilates is an all-inclusive ticket to your peace of mind

After practicing Pilates for 5 years and teaching it for 3 years I’ve seen changes in my body and mind as well as observed the same transf [...]

4 Effective Torso Workouts You Can Do At Home

The torso is the human body, without the head, arms, and legs. It is also referred to as the trunk of the body. Many of us, in our workout r [...]

4 Exercise Moves For Slimmer Hips And Thighs

Stronger, fitter legs come with a number of advantages including increased coordination, agility, strength for everyday tasks such as liftin [...]

The Breakdown: Yoga vs Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are like twins, but not identical ones. They are both exercises that target muscles and joints but they have different jobs [...]

A Guide to Pilates

Do you want to do Pilates, but you know nothing about it? Here is a full guide on what you need to know about Pilates. What is Pilates? Pila [...]

Anywhere Workouts.

Sometimes you find it really hard to keep up with your workout routine because you have things to do and places to be. Getting to the gym se [...]

The top 5 Calorie Burning Machines To Use at the Gym or at Home

Most hardcore fitness freaks look at cardio machines as some kind of sacrilegious object and would never be seen dead or alive, near one. Wh [...]

7 Ways to Improve Your Flexibility

If you’re anything like most people, when you hear the word fitness, you’re mind probably goes to bulging biceps or having the c [...]
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