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If you live in Dubai and you want to live a healthier life, hiring a personal trainer can do wonders for you.  I would say i am the best personal trainer in Dubai but i don’t want to blow my own horns, you will be the judge. An awesome personal trainer is one who knows how to work with you at your level to get you visible results.  What i can say is this, is the fastest growing training platform in Dubai and we have some of the best PT’s in the country.  Test a Free personal training session by sending a:

Whatsapp message to: +971 55 432 4361 ( pls mention code DFree7930).

Enjoy rest of the article and see what private lessons can do for you.

What a Personal Trainer in Dubai Can Do For You?

With no proper eating plan, some of us may find that our trousers are slightly tighter, or we’re experiencing a more lethargic feeling than usual. But with the carbohydrate and sugar overload behind us, we take a look at how our expert Personal Trainers can help you achieve your fitness goals and keep up your health resolutions in 2016. If you haven’t had a personal training session before, your first one will be free!

Ok i know you read 2016 and we are still in 2015.  It’s a worldwide trend, most people set New Year’s resolutions and healthy living is on top of the list.  In Dubai i have seen people do the same but living up to your goals requires help.  Starting before the New Year begins, is very important in attaining healthier life now and in years to come.

Never put it off

Don’t fall into the trap of “starting in 2016” i will eat better, workout etc.

Do it now

What I can do for you?

Personalize a program to suit you

Looking at what others do or reading about a plan online is one thing


What you want from a fitness session, and what someone else wants, will differ greatly depending on your goals.

Yes, Your Personal Trainer can devise a program that’s the best fit for what you’re looking to achieve, whether that’s toning, sport-specific improvement, weight-loss or bulking up. Other factors will be taken into account, including any injuries, your diet and the time you want to dedicate plus the living and weather conditions in Dubai or UAE in general.

Ensure that you know how to exercise safely

I have seen way too many people with all the right intentions, injure themselves. It’s a common sight to walk through a gym in Dubai, and see people doing exercises in a variety of ways. Some variations are fine, but using an improper technique whilst exercising can leave you nursing an injury, or not give you the desired results. If you are injured, you there goes your next few weeks and possibly months.  My colleagues or i can provide provide the correct knowledge so you know the correct way to go about each exercise, and ensure that you can see progress without injuries sooner than if you’re doing incorrect movements.

Another important aspect of is that we not only have some of the best personal trainers in UAE but we also have some of the best dietitians around.  We have the toning experts and we have those who can help you lose fat and live healthier.  With each client, although you pay only for one personal trainer, you still get knowledge of all the others. Main thing is to get you results.

Make the most of your free time

Dubai is getting busier just like the rest of the UAE, time is of the essence. Finding time to workout can be easier said than done, work, children, family and social gatherings are all competing for your hours.  Making your workouts count is even more important. We help you create an efficient program in place that you can stick to, you can maximize what you get from your workouts, and hit your targets sooner than you think.

We also have proven techniques, which work very well and our plans accommodate your lifestyle.  It’s like “counting the trees and eating your apple” at the same time.

Be motivated and hold yourself accountable

Motivation is one of the key to getting things done but how do you make sure you are motivated to do what is required?  Many of us find it extremely difficult to find the motivation to go to the gym in Dubai especially when we’re tired, or it’s too hot. Or cold. Or wet – you get the picture. With an experienced Personal Trainer who knows Dubai conditions and has trained many other clients in the area by your side, you’ll be more focused on your goals – you will be provided with an easy to follow plan for your workouts and nutrition. The plan will change as you progress and will be adjusted to your lifestyle. The passion and many years of experience that your Trainer has for fitness will be transferred to you, and your healthy lifestyle change will be in full swing!

We don’t look at your goals and your motivation as yours alone, the trainer you get shares those goals.  There is nothing better for me than seeing you fit into your cloths from years ago.

See your results with tracked progress

Where you are and where you go is very important in lasting fitness goals.  I have specific evaluation sessions in place to help you understand your results, and change your program according to the outcome so far, as well as future goals. Those people working alongside us tend to push themselves harder than when they’re alone, as they want to make their Trainer proud, as well as getting the most for their money!

We have seen people who hire a personal trainer in Dubai do much better than those who don’t. When you have something there with you, making sure you have the right plan and support and someone to hold you accountable, results come easier and faster.

Don’t delay; try your free session contact us today

What’s Next

Book your Free personal training session from and only pay if you like what the trainer has to offer.

Whatsapp number: +971 55 432 4361  (pls mention code DFree7930) does all the relevant checks for you. All trainers from have the right visa and are fully insured to train you.

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We have Male and female trainers available in the following areas of Dubai:



Abu Hail Our Personal trainers for Abu Hail covers, D 78, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, D 92, Al Khaleej Road, D 91, Abu Hail Road, D 82, Al Rasheed Road.  We also do morning classes near The Abu Hail Shopping Centre and Dubai Labour Office.
Al Awir First Acupuncture specialist who covers Al Awir also does personal training focusing on weight loss
Al Bada Trainer is not only good at training but also knows a lot about best weight loss supplements.  The areas covered are: Jumeirah, Al Hudaiba, Al Satwa.D 92, Al Wasl Road, and D 90 Al Satwa Road. Early morning and lunch time sessions are done near The Iranian Hospital
Al Baraha Trainer for Al Baraha has deep knowledge of calorie intake.  Morning and evening classes are conducted near Al Baraha Hospital, Dubai Hospital and Belhoul Speciality Hospital.


Book Your Free Lessons by sending a message to:
Whatsapp number: +971 55 432 4361  (pls mention code DFree7930)


Al Barsha Trainer for Al Barsha covers First, Second, South First, South Second, South Third and Third.  Beside providing one on one training lessons, specialities include: diabetes and weight loss  plus knows a lot about different products (chumlee, cinnamon, chia etc.) role in losing weight.
Al Buteen Specialises in diet plan for weight loss.  Al Buteen personal trainers cover Old Baladiya Street, 110th Road and 21st Street. Lots of retail business owners to advantage of early morning one to one sessions.
Al Dhagaya Our personal training team for Al Dhagaya has lots of experience in laxatives for fat loss and is one of the fastest expanding team. The areas they cover are: The Dubai Gold Souk,  Dubai Spice Souk, ARY Jewellery, Joy Allukas Jewellery and the also have loads of clients close to Dubai Fish and Vegetable Market.
Al Garhoud The head personal trainer for Al Garhoud has written extensively on garcinia cambogia and his team has become a force to be recken with. Amazing bunch of personal trainers who put the clients needs and results first. One to one sessions are offered to Emirates Airline airline pilots throughout the day and seven days a week. Students from The Emirates Aviation College can also be found using one to one PT sessions and Daallo Airlines staff also enjoyes healthy living.  Special personal training corporate rates are available for all Emirates airline employees and employees of all other airlines or airport staff.
Al Guoz Fourth Gluten free diet expert
Al Hamriya, Dubai Spent lots of time in China and India and is our resident specialist for essential oils for weight loss


Book Your Free Lessons by sending a message to:
Whatsapp number: +971 55 432 4361  (pls mention code DFree7930)

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Al Hamriya Port Personal trainer for Al Hamriya port services clients for all the ports and has special discounts for Port authorities.  Morning and evening one to one training sessions are available.  More trainers are being hired to accommodate The Palm Deira
Al Hudaiba Fitness experts for Al Hudaiba are experts in diets for quick weight loss. Special training discounts are available for Chelsea Hotel staff and clients and the consulate of Sri Lanka.
Al Jaddaf We have all sorts of personal trainers available in Al Jaddaf. We have dieticians, weight loss experts, swimming for adults and children and even Dog training experts available in and around Al Jaddaf Dubai.  Clients are provided with one to one personal training sessions near Al Wasl FC and Dubai Officers Club. Latifa hospital employees and visitors can book special sessions.  Morning and evening classes are available in Dubai Culture Village, second phase of Dubai Healthcare City. We also cover staff and employees of number of different hotels in the area including PT lessons for Mariott Al Jadaf guests, Reflection Hotel, Apartments And Arabian Park Hotel guests and staff.
Al Jafiliya The personal training team for Al Jafiliya excel at serving clients with highest care possible. Even developed a vegan diet weight loss and calorie counting progam.  Special personal training and weight loss discounts are available for staff and families of Dubai’s Department of Naturalization and Residency. Seven days a week private training lessons are available for patrons of Rydges Plaza Hotel and Al Hana Center shopping mall.  Detailed personalised diet and training plans with corporate discounts are offered to Ministry of Interior Department staff and their families.
Al Karama Al Karama is one of our busiest personal training area in Dubai.  The clients are also served around creekside diplomatic area and one on one training sessions are regularly conducted in Zabeel Park.  Demand for Vegan weigh loss plans in Karama is very high, which is one of the reason the training team for this area as vegan specialists on hand.
Al Khabisi We have an ace certified personal trainer who covers Salahuddin Road,  and Al Ittihad Road. Specials discounts are available to staff and families of New Medical Center.


Book Your Free Lessons by sending a message to:
Whatsapp number: +971 55 432 4361  (pls mention code DFree7930)


Al Khwaneej Pro personal trainer who has been serving people in the area for the last six months is on hand to help reach your healthy living goals.
Al Kifaf Our weight loss plan expert is one of the best female personal trainer in the area, along with her team she does loads of training sessions in Zabeel Park and covers much of Al Kifaf, Special discounts are available for  Etisalat Tower 2 employees and their families.
Al Mamzar certified personal trainer who also lives in Al Mamzar serves the area and provides special personal fitness rates for Al Ittihad School, Dubai Cultural and Scientific Association, Al Gaz Mosque, Dubai Police Headquarters. You can see the training sessions being conducted in and around Al Mamzar Park
Al Manara UK born personal trainer covers Al Manara and also has clients in Umm Suqeim, Al Quoz and Umm Al Sheif.  Lots of sessions are done at the villas and town housees of the clients. She has a team member who also provides dog training in Al Manara Dubai.
Al Merkad personal trainer Who worked with some of the best gyms in Dubai


Book Your Free Lessons by sending a message to:
Whatsapp number: +971 55 432 4361  (pls mention code DFree7930)


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Along Sheikh Zayed Road,

Southwest of the creek.

Male and female trainers available in Burj Khalifa

Female trainer does five days a week in Dubai Marina and very friendly male PT trains people six days a week.

We have evening training sessions available in The Palm Island area

We have a Fitness instructor who lives very close to the Arabian Ranches and does even before sunrise one on one sessions
Deira | Bur Dubai | Jumeira | Sheikh Zayed Road and

Our weigh loss expert works with people in Downtown Dubai and has produced amazing results even for those who were thinking of having weight loss surgery.

In Dubai Marina and the Palm we have training sessions available seven days a week


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  • Julie Reem
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    Best personal trainer in Dubai article has lots of information and thank you for sharing it. I am one of the best personal trainer myself and won many different awards in UK. I have recently moved to Dubai and would like to train people especially the female population. Would my best trainers awards come in handy although they are from UK? I am also very friendly and 95% of my clients in UK were repeat clients. I never advertised but did get my first break from one of the companies in my area. I have been seeing as one of the main source of training on the internet for Dubai and would love to work with you. Any job openings at the moment, i live in Discovery Gardens.

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