Monthly Archives: November 2015

3 Resons Why Must You Should Never Eat Late At Night

There are so many random excuses people have for eating late at night. It could be because of the time we get back home due to the nature of [...]

5 Ways Stress Can Ruin Your Life

It is estimated that about 75 to 90 percent of visits to physicians are for complaints that are, in some way, related to stress. Stress can [...]

Diet vs Exercise

The first two words you come across when you do a research on how to lose weight is either diet or exercise and as time goes on, you begin t [...]

5 Exercises That Help Alleviate Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common among adults. Causes of this pain can vary from the posture we put up at work, to the way we carry our hand [...]

4 Exercise Moves For Slimmer Hips And Thighs

Stronger, fitter legs come with a number of advantages including increased coordination, agility, strength for everyday tasks such as liftin [...]

5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat If You’re Planning On Losing Weight

Diet is one of the most important factors to be considered for weight loss and you can very easily ruin your weight loss plan simply by eati [...]

3 Simple Daily Physical Activities For Better Mental Well-being

The fact that a certain level of physical activity is a requirement for a healthy lifestyle is common knowledge. It not only helps in contro [...]

4 Innovative Exercises for Weight Loss

Did you know that if you do the same workout routines or the same exercises week after week or month after month, your body adapts or gets u [...]

4 Early Morning Weight Loss Hacks For Busy People

Most people find it hard to create time during the day to visit the gym probably due to the busy nature of their work, school or family life [...]

4 Foods That Help Prevent Heart Disease

Eating healthy doesn’t only help with weight loss: it also helps to protect your heart against cardiovascular disease and other healt [...]
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