Monthly Archives: April 2016

5 Foods That Every Athlete Should Eat to Lose Weight

Most athletes are involved in sports that require a certain weight that needs to be maintained and worked for when surpassed. A typical exam [...]

7 Foods You’re Eating Wrong

There are many factors that impact the quantity and quality of nutrients that you will derive from food. Things such as cooking and ripening [...]

Your Greatest Limitation to Weight Loss Could Be “You”

Apart from the journey to weight loss, every other aspect of your life can be greatly limited by you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong wit [...]

The 15 Minute Daily Workout Routine That Burns Fats Efficiently

Inasmuch as exercising is important for weight loss, the truth is that most people, adults especially, don’t really have enough time to sp [...]

5 Health Benefits of playing Golf

There are many ways people have described this sport; one of leisure, a gentleman’s game, a rich mans one, to say the most. It got this at [...]

5 Surefire Ways to Boost your Stamina

Are you struggling to make that morning run without stopping so often? Struggling to work the punching bag in the gym for proper 3 rounds? [...]

5 Benefits Of Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is simply applying appropriate pressure to certain points and areas on the feet, hands, and legs, without the use of oil or loti [...]

4 Amazing Benefits Of Sleep

Sleep is a state of mind that has to do with the relaxation of all voluntary actions in the body; inhibiting sensory activities and interact [...]

6 Major Ways of Reducing Your Chances of getting Heart Disease

When it comes to our heart health, some people are quite unfortunate to have had it passed down to them by genetics in the family line. Howe [...]

5 Post-Workout Mistakes You Probably Do

More and more people are now resorting to working out due to a number of reasons. Be it you want to build up your desired body or maybe beca [...]
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