5 Benefits Of Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is simply applying appropriate pressure to certain points and areas on the feet, hands, and legs, without the use of oil or lotion. It is specifically based on the areas that connect to various organs and systems in the body. However, there are reflexes in the feet that correspond to other parts of the body, and when these reflexes are stimulated, some psychological changes are made.

There are 15,000 nerves in just the foot alone, which is why foot reflexology is calming, soothing, and very effective. It also helps to promote good health.
Below are 5 benefits of reflexology you should know

1. Improves blood circulation

human body

Many of us spend so much time on our seats, and this has become our major lifestyles. Unfortunately, it prevents us from using the muscles of our feet properly, which can hinder proper blood circulation in the foot. Ten minutes of daily foot massage will help in an effective transport of oxygen to the cells in the body and improve the health. Poor circulation can also be caused by tight footwear, so you might need to make adjustments to your footwear for effectiveness.

2. Fights depression


Foot reflexology soothes and calms the mind, which is why it’s an option to go for when grieving or mourning a loved one. Some points on the feet alleviate depression symptoms, like the center of your big toe or the center of the ball located under your big toe. These spots specifically work with emotional stability and mental health, and massaging them will help to cut off depression and keep you calm.

3. Healthier Feet

healthy feet

The feet are prone to different problems and people with diabetes or obesity are at a larger risk of developing more foot problems. To be free from all kinds of a foot problem, you will need a regular foot massage. This will help to stimulate the muscles around your feet, reduce pains on the ankles and heels, and lessen stiffness. A constant message will make your ankles strong and flexible and less prone to muscle sprains around the leg.

4. Relaxation


If you desire a deep state of relaxation, foot reflexology is one of the things you should put into consideration. It is important to relieve stress because it tampers with the body’s immune system, which can expose the body to several complications like cancer. The solar plexus reflex in the foot is associated with stress, and once it is massaged, it is as if all the stress in the body gets dissolved.

5. Promotes better sleep

better sleep

For a sound sleep without distractions, try to massage your feet before going to bed. Foot reflexology soothes and relaxes the body, cuts off stress, improves blood circulation, which in turn would give you a safe and sound night.


You don’t have to wait to have serious foot problems before considering foot reflexology. It helps to promote sound health and reduces the risk of so many health complications. Consistency is key; massage your feet for about 5-10 minutes daily, and with time, there’ll be great changes.

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