4 Amazing Benefits Of Sleep

Sleep is a state of mind that has to do with the relaxation of all voluntary actions in the body; inhibiting sensory activities and interactions to surroundings. This will cause most systems in the body to be in the building up state, and it is important that humans have long hours of sleep at nights for better health.

Sleep is most times cheated on, and many of us just pick and dump it whenever we like. There are several excuses why we cheat sleep, and a very common one is having to leave the house very early for work, staying late at work, and getting stuck in traffic. Often times, when we return back home, we try to fix up few things and at the end of the day, we are on the bed, trying to catch an hour sleep, or two.

There are more amazing benefits to sleep than just getting you relaxed after a long and tired day.

Below are some benefits you should know

1. Improve memory

improve memory

Sleep strengthen memories or whatever you have learned while you were awake. If there is anything at all you are trying to learn or practice, it’d get to a certain point that you’d have to sleep to learn it better. While you sleep, the brain finds enough time to process and package all you have learned while you are awake, and this will enable you to commit more things to memory and learn new things with ease.

2. Better decision making

better decision making

Decision making is a very important thing in this world. If you have a sound and healthy night sleep, you will wake to a bright and sound day. This will give you a sound mind; you will be able to think straight and take better decisions. You can find a solution to that problem if you sleep over it.

3. Build muscles easily

muscles building

if you have always wanted to build muscles but haven’t found how to go about it yet, here is one thing you should do; sleep! Growth hormone is released in the body when we are deep in sleep, and this works on muscles and makes them stronger.

4. Boosts immune system

boost immune system

This is a very good way to boost your immune system. You are less prone to some infections if you sleep healthily. This is because the immune system becomes more active as a result of constant sleep, and this would make it easier for it to wade off foreign things that might come into the body.


Good night sleep is beneficial to you and your health. Above are 4 benefits that should be enough reasons you should sleep longer at night, and do so consistently.

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