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3 Negative Effects of Swimming

Swimming is popularly known to be one of the best cardio exercises, especially for expectant mothers. They are also your best choice if you’re looking to exercise with less exerted pressure on your joints. However, they also have certain disadvantages that you need to put into consideration.

Here are 3 negative effects that swimming has on your body:

1. Effects on the lungs

Have you ever asked yourself why every pool you visit has an instruction saying you should shower before and after swimming? This is because chlorine is applied in swimming pools to kill bacteria. This chemical is really bad for your lungs and can greatly increase the risk of asthma, making it difficult for air to pass in through the lungs. So make sure you follow instructions and use natural soap to shower before and after swimming. Most importantly, try not to swallow the pool water.


2. Effects on the ear

After swimming water can remain on the outer part of your ears. This water might contain some bacteria and this in turn may lead to an itchy ear. This itchiness spreads and the more you touch and scratch it, the more it worsens.

To avoid this, make sure to always wash up with natural soup and make sure you clean your ears dry with a clean and dry towel.


3. Effects on the eyes

Most people swim with their eyes open and the after effects can be very detrimental. Like said before, the swimming pool contains chlorine and when your eyes come in contact with the chlorine, it loses its tear film that protects it from infections. This puts your eyes at a greater risk of having eye infections. To avoid this, learn to use swimming glasses each time you go to the pool.



Swimming is fun, especially when you’re at it with loved ones. But always remember to take precautions before and after using the swimming pool.

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