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There are literally hundreds of different weight loss programs, fad diets, and harmful treatments (such as surgery). Too many people spend t [...]

6 Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

From your biology class back in high school, you might have been thought that water accounts for 60 percent of your body and is essential to [...]

5 foods that help to prevent ischemic heart disease.

Generally, for you to be able to survive or prevent any heart threating disease or illness is to always eat healthy and exercise and go for [...]

7 ways to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Heart diseases present themselves in many ways, and it is rated as the number one killer for both men and women. Heart disease is as a resul [...]

5 exercises that help to reduce stress.

Stress is often difficult to define because it is a very subjective problem, exercise on the other hand, reduces the stress hormone and stim [...]

5 foods that reduces your testosterone levels.

There are foods that can help boost your testosterone levels and there are some that are not good, that reduces your testosterone levels, te [...]

Causes Of Snoring And How To Stop it

One will ask what is ‘snoring’ even? Snoring is the name or term given to the deep sound one makes during sleep or the breathe during sl [...]

5 health benefits of dates.

Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, good source of energy, sugar and fibre. It also a good source of essential mineral [...]

7 Healthy Snacks For Efficient Weight Loss

Taking snacks is an opportunity to strengthen your body in- between meals, so cutting down on your snacks in order to reduce the number of c [...]
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