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5 foods that help to prevent ischemic heart disease.

Generally, for you to be able to survive or prevent any heart threating disease or illness is to always eat healthy and exercise and go for a check-up as often as possible. Combing a healthy diet with regular exercise, is the best way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The single most important step that you can take towards the health of your heart is by what you put on your plate. Here are 5 foods that will help prevent ischemic heart disease.

Oranges –


this help to reduce the blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart failure. Oranges are known to contain a pharmacy’s worth of salves for the heart. The fibre called pectin acts like a giant sponge, which sucks up the cholesterol in the food you eat and blocks its absorption. And the potassium that is contained in the orange helps to fight off the salt, thereby keeping the blood pressure under control.

Kale –


this prevents atherosclerosis. Kale is a dark leafy green and it contains everything that you want in a super food. Kale boasts a bumper crop of heart healthy antioxidants omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, folate, potassium and vitamin E. it also contains a compound called glucoraphanin, which activates a special protective protein.

Garlic –


this reduces blood pressure and plaque. Garlic notches down an enzyme called angiotensin, which constricts the blood vessels.

Red wine –

red wine

this boosts the good cholesterol HDL (high density lipoprotein) and it reduces unwanted clotting. Usually any alcohol boosts the HDL which helps to prevent plaque, but red wine offers additional benefits. They contain a compound called polyphenols that help keep blood vessels very flexible and reduces the risk of unwanted clotting. They also have analgesic properties as aspirin should bn. Alcohol consumption should be in moderate levels, because consuming large quantities of it is really harmful to the heart.

Dark chocolate –

dark chocolate

this reduces the blood pressure. A researched found out that the Kuna Indians off the coast have very low blood pressure. It was thought they had a rare genetic trait in them, but it was revealed that they drink large quantities of processed cocoa, which is very rich in a compound that is called flavanols, this improves blood vessel flexibility. And dark chocolate is found to have more of this compound because it starts with a higher cocoa content.

Heart disease is one of the major killers of men and women worldwide. Lifestyle can greatly affect one’s health condition, and some people believe that diet can be used to reverse cardiovascular diseases. Living a disease free and healthy life depends on dieting alongside exercise.

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