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With Dubai’s chaotic and high stress work life, 24 hours 7 days a week long working hours and the constant demand to meet strict deadlines, a large percentage of the younger generation alongside the older generation too, is facing an uphill battle to stay fit and healthy. As government initiatives, fitness campaigns and sports group are actively raising awareness on the importance of a balanced lifestyle to stay fit, there has been a surge in the number of fitness centers and health clubs across Dubai.

Besides we all know exciting oneself to exercise is far from easy, and inevitably, we find legitimate reasons to be the couch potato, especially after a long and tiring day at work.

That said, I personally know that paying substantial sums of money for a gym membership can be a strong motivator, and once exercise naturally becomes part of your daily routine, it will probably become a habit you enjoy doing and won’t ever want to quit.

In keeping with UAE’s cultural sensitivities, many fitness centers have also introduced women’s only clubs and classes to encourage more women to start working out. Health experts in the UAE advise that women in this part of the world are often daunted by the prospect of working out in a mixed-gender gym.

Dubai has several gyms, fitness facilities and health clubs or varying sizes that offer a multitude of facilities for their members. From small local neighborhood gyms that focus on body building to large gym franchises such as Fitness First, that offer many classes, people living in the emirate are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a health and wellness facility.

Fitness FirstThe Dubai Mall Walk with Fitness First 4_tcm87-26289

One of the most prominent fitness brands in the country, Fitness First has over 27 convenient locations across the UAE, with 19 locations in Dubai itself.


Joining fee?

If you opt to pay monthly for a 12-month package, there is an admin cost of Dhs299. If you pay up-front for packages, this is omitted.


Three tiers of packages, Plus, Platinum and Platinum Plus. Be aware that your selected membership will determine which clubs you can use. Corporate rates and off-peak rates are available.

Standard membership (Plus):

3 months: Dhs2,099 plus admin fee

6 months: Dhs3,149

12 months: Dhs4,199

18 months: Dhs5,249

Exercise classes?

Yes – all are included.


If you sign up, new members are offered three free personal training and assessment sessions with a personal trainer to assess their current level of fitness and target goals within the gym.

Not only will you receive a gift for referring a friend to the gym but with several offers of promotions throughout the year with the chance to win many more gifts, including free training sessions. The Fitness First brand is also popular for the many fitness challenges and events that are organized throughout the year, giving members the added incentive and opportunity to get fit even outside the gym.


Fitness 360fitness360_main

With four clubs across Dubai, Fitness 360° is expanding and proving itself to be a contender in the big gym stakes. Owned by the Lal’s group, this fitness brand has plans to open up 10 new clubs across the UAE. Offering both mixed as well as ladies-only facilities, Fitness 360’s selling point is their holistic approach to getting healthy that extends beyond the time spent at the gym. They aim to provide affordable fitness options that suit the lifestyle and budget of common individuals and not just the elite. They offer some uniquely enticing classes including partner yoga and dancing in heels classes that aim to make fitness effective and fun.

Joining fee?

There is a standard Dhs99.


Membership costs can vary from gym to gym. To use the ladies-only gym in J3 Mall (where there’s a boxing ring), plus the others, expect to pay a little more. Student discount is available. If you sign up in June, Fitness 360° is offering a special summer rate of Dhs199 a month for their gyms in Mazaya Centre, Arabian Centre and J3 Mall. And during Ramadan, membership is entirely complimentary with this offer.

Exercise classes?

Yes, and there have been some fairly unique choices, including dancing in heels and partner yoga.


The gym regularly offers incentives like cheaper rates, free membership for a month and waives the joining fee.

Fitness Factory5jmlbwe0y50fol5wc6


“Great looking bodies and head-turning physiques don’t just happen. They are created, manufactured and made,”

Joining fee?

Only when opting for the one-month package.


1 month: Dhs299 plus Dhs150 admin fee

3 months: Dhs750

6 months: Dhs1,400

12 months: Dhs2,500


Both three and six-month memberships earn you two free personal training sessions, and if you sign up for a year, you receive an additional one on top of that.


TribeFit is all about ‘social fitness’ and encourages members to widen their social circle and keep in shape at the same time. Based on the principle that working out is a social activity, offering over 90 classes a week in yoga, spinning and physical fitness. The club itself is divided into eight funky gym facilities – burn lab, circuit city, build lab, melting pot, spin city, fight club, yoga studio and stretch area.

Joining fee?



Monthly membership is Dhs399 based on a three- month commitment. A six-month upfront package is Dhs2,094 (equivalent of Dhs349  a month.) A 12-month upfront package is Dhs3,588 (equivalent of Dhs299 a month).

Exercise classes?

Tribefit runs over 90 classes a week including the whole range of Les Mills classes, yoga  and spinning.


The social element of Tribefit makes it easy to meet new people, with beach days, nights out, movie screenings, and organised sports for members.

U Conceptuenergy_innerbig

An exclusive boutique gym, U Concept has art on its walls, a set of DJ decks and a UFC cage in the basement. 



Joining fee?



1 month: Dhs1,250

6 months: Dhs3,600

12 months: Dhs9,600 

Exercise classes?

Yes – all included, with spinning, martial arts  and boxing.


U Concept offers a free mentor programme; an analysis session at the start of the membership, followed by monthly reviews and advice on training and nutrition.


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