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The Top 4 Gym Machines For Weight Loss

Sometimes you go to the gym with the intention of working out just to lose some weight and get your body in better shape. But then, there ar [...]

Weight Machines vs Free Weights: Which should you use?

You might be wondering if there are any functional differences between free weights and weight machines, and a very basic answer to this is [...]

5 Steps to Amazing Arms

Wearing a tank top and flexing your toned arms terrific, no? But it’s not something you just get overnight, it requires for you to exercis [...]

5 Training Mistakes you’re Making when Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is all about getting tough and buff but really, it is a very fragile task. You need to do it right or else it will come out [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Pull-ups

There’s no sugar coating the fact that pull-ups are hard and most people struggle to do more than 10 at a go, which is unlike other ex [...]

Similarities and Differences Between Body Building and Power Lifting

Body building and power lifting are very similar sports. They both involve spending lots of time pumping iron in the gym and growing massive [...]

How To Deal With Annoying Gym Members?

After a long day at work, the last thing any of us need is to add on additional stress. Whether it’s the guy beside you that doesnR [...]

Health & Fitness : Pilates for Beginners

Pilates is an excellent exercise to help tone and experience the strength of your own body. The wonderful aspect of pilates is that it can b [...]

Health & Fitness : Steps to Kick Start Your Exercise

How many times do you look in the mirror and feel unsatisfied with your body? How many times do you tell yourself you’ll do something [...]

Guide Into Starting Up Your Own Personal Training Business

Personal training may seem like a glamorous profession, but in the end it’s based on two types of hard work: The actual sweat you and [...]
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