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Help! Unwanted underarm fat.

How to get rid of underarm fat, quick and easy steps.

Unavoidably and the most dreaded experience for us all is how quickly we can gain weight anywhere on our bodies, and of course the underarm region is no exception. Fat in that area can be unsightly and embarrassing. However, it is possible to lose the “double wave” via a combination of diet and exercise to burn the fat not only in this unwanted area but all over one’s body.



The key ingredient is to build muscle tone around your arms.
Unfortunately we can’t walk around with a photo-shop filter to remove this pesky faults but we can exercising to build muscle in your arms and surrounding areas  that will help tone your body regardless of your weight.

Let’s take action, Now!

With machines:

  1.  Rowing machine: 12 to 15 minutes. Personally I can sit on this machine for half an hour, although the seat sometimes can become very uncomfortable! The damper setting which is located to the side of the machine is similar to gears on a bike, remember to adjust this to your preferred choice of comfort, however I do advice you push yourself!

muscles-rower-rameur-technic-en2. Low row machine: This exercise involves pulling two independent levers towards your chest, keeping the arms out in front and the elbows low, parallel to the shoulders. Resistance is provided by a weight stack which enables the workload to be adjusted to suit each type of user. Because I am not looking to build muscle but moreover strengthen my arms, I’ll use weights of 15kg to 20 kg and work 5 sets of 50 or 100 when feeling brave.

3. Vario machine: The all round body workout, this machine can help you lose 200 calories within 20 minutes! Working your legs to arms and abdominals to shoulders. Usually I would stay the full 20 minutes with an effort level of 15, but I would recommend an effort level of 6 to 8 for newbies.

4. Arm bike machine: Many gyms will have this machine. You sit down on a seat and only work your arms! Excellent for sorting out that underarm fat. I will usually spend 10 minutes on an effort level of 8 as the machine is a true killer.

Without machine: 4 rounds of 5 intense exercises with 10 second rest.

  1. Push up plank row:Plank-Row-WomensHealthMag.com_
  2. Dips using a chair:Chair-dips
  3. Chest fly:12
  4. Rows (one arm then change):101313.image0
  • Use weights to tone and lengthen muscles. Use heavier weights to tone more.
  • Pilates is a great way to tone this troublesome area. You should be working above your head, out in front of you, behind, pushing and pulling.

Set yourself a goal

Try to get 45-60 minutes of exercise daily. This boosts calorie burn, which results in fat loss all over the body.

  • Train four times per week.
    1. Two sessions spent building muscle, burning calories and accelerates fat loss.
    2. Two sessions should include intense cardio training. e.g. Running, swimming and cycle.

It is important to remember that muscles need time to repair. Avoid training every day to allow the muscle fibers time to repair rips and tears.

Your Diet

Include more fruits, vegetables and low-calorie nutritious food in your diet.
  • Aim to include at least one serving of vegetables and one of fruit at every meal, along with a serving of lean protein, such as chicken, fish, lean red meat or dairy.
  • Add a small amount of healthy fat to each meal in the form of nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado or coconut.
  • If you’re drinking regular soda, cut it out of your diet. You’ll see really fast results by eliminating 200 calories a day just from not drinking soda anymore.
  • Stay hydrated with plain water. Soda, energy drinks, coffee beverages, packaged smoothies and juice drinks contain added sugar and syrup, which pack on calories without providing much nutritional value.
  • If you cut 500 calories from your daily diet, you may be able to lose 1 pound per week.


Keep drinking your GREEN TEA! and if you’re anything like me and worry about staining your teeth, remember to carry a colorful plastic straw in your bag.

Green tea helps boosts your metabolism which is key to burning calories.

  • Some studies show that consuming green tea helps lower cholesterol, burn fat, prevent diabetes and stroke, and stave off dementia.
  • Importantly, drink plenty of water! Drinking water helps you in feeling more full (thus reducing overeating) in addition to clearing your complexion and hydrating your skin.

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