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All 5 Steps For Weight Loss Summarized

There is so much information about weight loss out there and while some of it might prove to be helpful, a whole lot of it just leads to mo [...]

4 Things You Should Know About Strength Training

Strength training should be an important part of any fitness program. Even if your goal is not to be build muscle, but instead to lose weigh [...]

How to Build Your Lower Body Muscles in 7 Steps

The lower body muscles are extremely important, as everyone uses them frequently, in a number of activities, on a day to day basis. You rely [...]

3 Calf Training Mistakes You Might be Making and how to Fix Them

Strong calves are an important component of a strong and healthy body because you need your calves to perform nearly every other fitness act [...]

6 Benefits of Split Training

At Trainer.ae, we believe a lot in the benefits of doing full body training but we also think you should know about the benefits of split tr [...]

5 Benefits Of Lifting Weights

Lifting weights to many is a grueling task. All the boring repetitions of lifting iron upon iron, and still being told “Go harder”, “O [...]

5 triceps workout for your everyday workout

Triceps make up the largest muscle group on your arms and by fact, working on them will make them look bigger. But sometimes defining your t [...]

Health & Fitness : Bearable Sit – Ups You’ll Enjoy To Exercise

Sometimes it’s not just about the cardiovascular exercise, equally the amount of effort you put towards cardio should also be placed o [...]

Health & Fitness : Learn To Love and Appreciate Your Own Body

There is no such thing as perfect Unless you’re delusional and have this strange idea that ‘perfect’ is Kim Kardashian, th [...]

Health & Fitness : Workouts You’ll Enjoy if You Hate to Sweat

There’s something about being drenched in sweat that just simply signals that had a really good workout, really given it your all. But [...]
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