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6 Benefits of Split Training

At, we believe a lot in the benefits of doing full body training but we also think you should know about the benefits of split training as well. Split training is a strength training technique which dedicates whole days for partial body training (as opposed to full body training) of individual muscles with the goal of eventually working the full body at the end of a given number of days. With split training, you should only train a maximum of 3 muscles per day with a minimum rest time of 3 days, during which you focus on other muscles. Like any other strength training technique, split training has it’s unique benefits; read on to find out six benefits you could gain from doing split training.


  1. Higher intensity

The benefit of dedicating a whole day of training to one muscle group is that you are able to put in much more intensity into training that muscle and thus it develops and grows much more than it would if you were doing full body weight training each time.

  1. Conserves time

Spending half the time the average person spends in the gym and yet, developing a stronger, better-looking body is definitely something every person engaged in strength training should want; and even though it sounds too good to be true, this is exactly what happens when you do split training. Not only does this leave you with more time for other pursuits, but if the thought of spending hours at the gym is not something you fancy, then split training should work just fine for you.

  1. Safer

Overtraining can lead to injuries which could set your training back by days or even weeks, and this is a very common theme with strength training, as you don’t really feel the full effect of training during performance. When you isolate different muscle groups, for training though, there is a much lower risk of this happening.

  1. Sufficient Recovery time

Split training allows individual muscles longer time to recover and a result, they grow faster and stronger during the recovery period. Also, you don’t have to worry about struggling to do every little thing from getting into the car to turning over on your bed simply because every muscle in your body is aching from yesterday’s full body training session.

  1. Increased Strength Gains

To state the obvious, the chances are pretty high that you’re taking up strength training in order to increase your strength. The fact that you are able to focus more intensely on working individual muscles and also give them increased recovery time, adds up to significantly greater strength gains.

  1. Full body workout

The truth is, when you try to do a full body workout in one go, not only will you probably not work each muscle as intensely as you might be able to or should, but you also run the risk of ignoring some muscles or devoting more time and energy to some than to others. This is an almost inevitable risk with full body training but the segmented approach of split training means that you run much less risk of marginalizing any one muscle group.

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