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5 Benefits Of Lifting Weights

Lifting weights to many is a grueling task. All the boring repetitions of lifting iron upon iron, and still being told “Go harder”, “One more push”, and the like. However, this same activity to some is not just a privilege and fun, but is not to be toyed with.

This article shows you five reasons why weight training should be the latter to you, fun and worth every push.


1.Increased muscle mass:

Weight training reduces likelihood of Sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle tissue as part of the aging process. This process can start from as young as your twenties, and training from even your teens into your twenties will give you stronger muscles.

2.Increased bone strength:

Lifting weights helps in the increase of bone density which ultimately increases bone strength. It significantly slows down a process called “osteoporosis”. This is a disease where decreased bone strength makes you more prone to getting a broken bone.
It is regarded as the most common reason for broken bones among senior citizens.
You can avoid such disease through weight training.

3.Better balance:

Have you ever just tripped so effortlessly it made no sense? This kind of fall is very embarrassing and no one wants to experience it again in public. However, a reason why you have such a low balance or why you don’t have better balance is because you do not do weight training.
Research has shown that weight training increases stability and balance, but mind you, it doesn’t permit you to walk into a stone because you lift fifty kilos on a bench press every Thursday, Friday and whenever. If you do this, you will most likely fall.

4.Lower blood pressure:

In the long run, weight lifting can actually reduce blood pressure. This may seem weird because obviously the heart works harder during weight lifting.
However, during weight training, you stimulate increased blood flow to the muscles you are using. As your muscles get firmer, it takes less strain to make them contract which means your heart wouldn’t have to work as hard and you will have lower blood pressure.

5.Better daily activities:

Lifting weights will force your muscles to do more work. This is because when we stain our muscles continuously, we prepare them to do more work and everything we do requires physical activity. Be it eating, running, standing, sitting, etc.

Whatever the task, lifting weights will help you perform all of them better.
Weight lifting is clearly beneficial to you. Not just because you look good with a nice pair of biceps or quadriceps, but because it bolsters your health both momentarily and in the long run.
Hit the gym today, get the right assistance and lift weights!

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