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All 5 Steps For Weight Loss Summarized

There is so much information about weight loss out there and while some of it might prove to be helpful, a whole lot of it just leads to more confusion. During a study on why so many people who set off to lose weight end up giving up, it was gathered that one of the reasons why they gave up their weight loss dreams was because they were utterly confused.
This article however, summarizes all the relevant steps you need to take for proper and efficient weight loss. Here they are:

1. Clean up your diet

Clean up your diet
Of course, you must know by now that weight loss will be extra hard if you keep on eating everything you feel like, all the time. Weight loss can’t be accomplished without self-discipline. So the first step you should take towards weight loss is to clean up your daily diet. Foods high in carbs and unhealthy fats should immensely be reduced. On the other hand, foods high in protein, healthy fats, fiber, omega-3 acids, and vitamins should be increased in the right proportions.
So eat more of beans, avocados (rich in fiber and healthy fats), nuts (also rich in fiber and healthy fats), fruits, oatmeal, and salmon or other seafoods (rich in omega-3).

Note: The fact that you’re eating healthy doesn’t grant you license to overeat. Some of these foods, when they’re not broken down by the body can be stored as fat.

2. Engage yourself in different cardio exercises

cardio exercises
Weight loss can’t be as efficient as you would want it to be without exercise. Cardio exercises can be done anywhere- in the gym, at home, at the local football field, at your backyard and even in your bedroom.
Make sure to change up the kind of cardio exercise you do (don’t just go jogging all the time). Some of the best cardio exercises for weight loss include jogging, running, walking, swimming, skipping, burpees and high knees.

3. Embrace strength training

 strength training
Lots of women have the wrongest ideas about strength training, avoiding it for fear of developing a manly look. While strength training will help you build muscles, it is extremely hard for women to build muscles beyond a certain point, as this requires much higher levels of testosterone than the female body has readily available. Strength training helps you build muscles to replace the fact that you’re burning and since muscles take up less space than fats, this will lead to weight loss.

4. Sleep well

 Sleep well
Inasmuch as you’re working so hard to drop those pounds, don’t forget the importance of sleep as well. You can burn calories even while you sleep too. The human body was designed to have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and when this does not happen, so many things can go wrong.

5. Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water
Your metabolism is said to be that engine in your body responsible for burning calories. So to keep this engine running make sure to always stay hydrated at all times. If possible, carry a bottle of water along everywhere you go.


These 5 steps are all you need for effective weight loss. When it comes to weight loss, consistency is key. Always have this in mind.

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