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4 Things You Should Know About Strength Training

Strength training should be an important part of any fitness program. Even if your goal is not to be build muscle, but instead to lose weight, strength training will help you.

It does this by increasing the metabolism rate of the body, and when muscles get built they push out the fat of your body, well so to speak.

This article shows you 4 essential things you should know about weight training.

1. Strength training is a great form of cardio


As a form of fitness training, strength training is highly advised for you. One of the reasons why this is so is because it improves your cardiovascular fitness. This is the fitness of the heart that allows you to develop better stamina and health essentially.

If you’ve ever done a grueling bench press set or squat set and your heart seemed like it was racing for air, you should know that this was a very beneficial form of cardio.

2.Reduces body fat levels

fat levels

You should know that strength training done at a challenging pace requires a lot of energy. When all this energy is expended during workouts like squats, deadlifts, etc, you burn a lot of calories.

3.Strength doesn’t mean bigger size

bigger size

It’s almost automatic to think that strength training makes you look like Dwayne Johnson. However, this is a misconception. Although it is true that you could get much bigger muscles with strength training, this only with the right nutrition and supplements.

So the question arises, how do you increase strength without increasing size? There is a combination of factors, mostly from the nervous system. When a muscle contracts it doesn’t contract fully, and this leaves behind a percentage of unstretched muscle fibres.

The more force you apply to a muscle the higher the percentage of muscle fibers stretched, which means a greater force can be applied. The muscle adapts by allowing a greater number of motor units in the muscles to remain available for future use.

This is a major difference:

When you train with high weight, low reps, low volume, it yields gains in strength and muscle tone but very limited increases in muscle size. This is good for those that desire a high strength to weight ratio.

Whereas, if you train with moderate reps, moderate weight, moderate-high volume, this is best for muscle gain. By training this way you allow sufficient stimulus to be sent for the muscles to break down, which signals the body to grow more muscle in response. This process is referred to as anabolism, or muscle building. But as mentioned previously, you need the right nutrition for this to happen.

4.Strength training improves posture and balance

posture and balance

A lot of people suffer from poor balance and posture caused by a range of activities performed on a daily basis. For ladies we, for instance, wearing high heels can cause tightness in the calves, as spending long hours sitting at a desk, and etc.

Whatever the case may be, strength training evens out unbalances, strengthens a weak core, and builds a balanced posture for both sport and regular daily activities.

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