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We hear it often, that the benefits of exercise help your health. What’s even more great is that you don’t need to kill yourself with endless hours at the gym or longer runs everyday. Of course, you do need to exercise, in fact 3 to 4 days a week of at least 30 minutes ideally should be focused on some sort of exercise routine to pump your heart.

However, there is plenty of other changes you can make to your day which in turn will help your health.

Suggestions :

Ever feel peckish for something to snack on or forgot to buy eggs?

  • When you need to quickly run such errands, consider leaving the car keys at home and taking a run down your local shops. There’s no need to travel further when you can jog somewhere closer to home.

Where is my car?

  • Instead of parking your car alongside hundreds of other cars, making it almost impossible for you to find it after. Park further away, this will give you plenty of exercise to walk to your destination and of course walk back once you’re done.

Can I take a break now?

  • Consider stretching or taking a long walk on your usual coffee and cigarette breaks.

Do I have to mow the lawn?

  • Instead of spending your time hidden away in your house, get some fresh air. Go out into your garden and plant some new flowers, mow the lawn you’ve avoided for months and even consider building your own pond or tree house?

Re-pair, clean and keep moving.

  • Spend free time fixing things around your house you keep delaying. Hoover once in a while, not only will it help you exercise but you’ll find thing’s you’ve missed for months. Making it fun, turn on some of your favorite music, you’ll find that time goes by a lot quicker when you’re enjoying yourself.

Should I take the easy option?

  • Well, I’m certain you already know the answer! When coming across such an obstacle the answer is simple, take the stairs and leave the elevator for those that really need it. If you travel by public transport, get off a stop before the one you really need and walk to your destination.

Exercise whilst you sneak in some lazy time, can it be done?

  • It’s true, you can be lazy and exercise at the same time. So turn on your Netflix or favorite movie, but remember to place open the mat, you can stretch out some yoga routines, use dumbbells to strengthen your arms when you’re seeking for low movement workouts to focus more on the film. Don’t forget squats and crunches can also be performed quick and easy when you’ve got your eyes occupied.


Physical Activity benefits:

Physical activity and weight loss have key benefits to your health, especially for those already suffering from health problems. For instance it is said that even Type II diabetes, can be prevented through consistent exercise. Other patients already suffering from health issues have seen huge changes in improved cholesterol levels, this doesn’t mean the intensity of which you train but the frequency to which you train. Some patients who suffer from high blood pressure will see a reduced improvements if they train 3 to 4 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.


Moreover, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last exercised. Your age and ability shouldn’t bring you down, starting a better and healthier lifestyle can happen at anytime and to anyone but it’s up to you! You must be committed and consistent, never give up. Remember why you started to exercise and what your overall long term goals are.

You might just want a change for your own health. What’s your reason?

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