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The Top 5 Most Important Elements of Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness strategies require a few key elements in order to be effective and successful and while you might not really need to have [...]

Power Circuit Training for Women

Power circuit training is a higher, more challenging form of circuit training. Exercise selections and goals are totally different from that [...]

7 Foods To Cut Out For A Better Digestive System

A good digestive system has so many benefits- most of which we’re not even aware of. Serotinin, a hormone that regulates our mood is m [...]

5 Ways Your Mental State Influences Your Fitness Training

You’ve probably heard a lot about how being happy affects your health and general success in life, but are you aware of the massive effect [...]

5 Ways to get A Ripped Abdomen

Having a nice six ripped six-pack is fast becoming a necessity, for both men and women. It is not just aesthetically pleasing but it also of [...]

5 Exercises For Sore Knees

The knees are most prone to injuries than any other joint in the body and that’s pretty understandable considering the amount of press [...]

The Top 6 Steps to Improving Body Balance

Balance is one of very important part of fitness that many people either do not know much about or do not understand, and consequently compl [...]

The 6 Core Elements Of Fitness Explained

The word fitness is bandied about quite a bit, but what does it really mean, and what exactly makes a person fit? To the average person tryi [...]

8 Things women can do to lose weight.

Losing weight is something that requires a lot of time and dedication and in some cases, a lot of money. There are some easy [...]


Squat is a type of strength training that pertains to full body training, focusing primarily on the hip muscles, thigh muscles and buttocks. [...]
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