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The Only 4 Exercises You’re Ever Going to Need

When it comes to fitness, inasmuch as every exercise you do is important in its own way, there are certain exercises that have more than jus [...]

5 Steps to Rehabilitating Bad Knees

Knee injuries are any active person’s worst nightmare and many an athlete or sportsperson has had their career ended by an unexpected seri [...]

8 Ways To Do Squats For Beginners

When it comes to fitness and developing a stronger body, most people focus much more on their upper body because, of course, a strong upper [...]

5 Super Leg Workouts For Lower Body

Full squat – 5 sets of 8-10 reps Hold bar securely between traps and rear shoulders Feet should be directly under the bar Legs reasona [...]

Health & Fitness : Exercise Your Heart

We hear it often, that the benefits of exercise help your health. What’s even more great is that you don’t need to kill yourself [...]

Health & Fitness for Women : What Size Weights Should Women Lift?

When starting a strength training program to improve bone density and build lean muscle you must be ready to dedicate 3 to 4 days a week exe [...]

Health & Fitness : Exercises for Glutes and Hamstrings

The key ingredient to losing weight in any part of your body is to exercise, EXERCISE AND MORE EXERCISE! Burning calories whether it be in t [...]

Health & Fitness : Moves to Tone Your Glutes

There are so many names for the gluteus maximus because it is such a wonderful muscle. As the powerhouse of the body, it’s no wonder that [...]

Are You Constantly Sitting Down At Work?

You might have heard the term “secretary butt” referring to a round, shapeless and flat bottom. The theory behind the term is that sitti [...]

Exercises to Get You Swimsuit Ready!

Unless you’re living in the UK and still waiting for the clouds to disappear, the sun must already be out in your City. But don’t pa [...]
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