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Weight Loss Dubai – How I Lost 50 Pounds in 5 Months from Home

Hi guys, my name is Alana and I am going to share a part of my life with all the women out there who want to lose weight and reclaim their lives. Like most women living in Dubai, I was a housewife with not a lot of work to do. Before me and my husband moved here from the UK, I used to go out in the park with our young daughter and get some exercise along the way.

However, since we moved to Dubai, things changed, the lifestyle here was more sedentary, with the sun outside a constant reminder of the searing heat that discourages you from taking a step out. Initially it was fine, and since I wasn’t going out a lot, I was often wearing casual stuff around the house or when going to a nearby mall.

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It wasn’t until a month or so in that I realized my clothes were getting tighter, but I passed it off as an unavoidable consequence of moving to Dubai, so I kept going on, until I reached the point where I weighed 175 pounds and felt like I had come too far to go back.

Dubai Weight Loss

Losing weight to get back in shape isn’t easy…

The worst part is that it’s not like I didn’t notice when I was gaining weight…it was more of me not paying attention to it that got to me. And had one of my childhood friends not pointed it out to me bluntly, I wouldn’t have realized.

Penny, who I grew up with, is still in the UK, and we hadn’t gotten around to skyping or video chatting since I moved to Dubai. It was one day that we did, and she just saw me on the video and outright asked me what I was doing to myself.

She is very blunt, and she got right down to blaming me for letting go and not looking after myself. I had to agree with her, I had let go, so I promised to her that I will start looking for help.

That is when I searched online and found Trainer.ae, and messaged the folks there on their WhatsApp number (+971 56 58 30067) for weight loss help and hiring a personal trainer. What I really liked about these guys was the fact that they didn’t get me a trainer right away, but first, their representative discussed my goals with me and then worked with me to get me right person for the job.

It turned out that weight loss in Dubai was a hot topic because almost everyone who moved here ended up gaining weight, so it was a relief that I wasn’t the only one.

My mistake however was that I didn’t clarify to the Trainer.ae guys that I wanted a female personal trainer from Dubai and not a male one. So when I first met the guy they sent over, I had to excuse and ask for another trainer. However, they were nice enough to understand and send a female trainer to my place the next day.

Fortunately, our apartment has a large living room and it had space for working out, so my trainer advised that we start there with light exercises. My problem is that I am not a big fan of working out (don’t judge me) and I give up easy on any physical activity.

Girl Working Out at Home

Working out at home is more comfortable than a gym.

My trainer was nice enough to understand my preferences and did not impose any exercise or workout regime. Instead, she did it all with me to motivate me and gave me quite a bit of information on weight loss the healthy way. Since she also lived in Dubai, her weight loss tips were relevant to me and I could put them into action.

We started light but we moved on to some weight and mostly cardio workouts for slow burn. Days when I was too tired or felt down, my trainer took me for walks as we discussed diet plans and meals. She gave me a lot of recipes and told me that I didn’t need to join a gym to lose weight.

The good thing about living in Dubai is that you can find quite literally anything, so cooking as per her recipes was not a problem and I moved towards a more balanced diet. After I finished my workouts I felt different – I felt elated and relieved, and that’s when I learned how to control my emotional eating.

When you put your all into a workout to achieve goals, you automatically feel responsible and less inclined to waste it all away by emotional eating. I finally felt like I was moving towards something I wanted, and as weeks went by, I could not just notice my waist dropping but I had more energy as well.

Slowly my trainer upped it and we moved towards more strenuous cardio and heavier weights. We were also working 6 days a week now instead of the initial 4 and results were faster. My trainer started giving me small treats for every 10 pounds I lost, and also encouraged me to talk to my friends and family members about my weight loss goals.

Telling them is what I feel also had a very significant effect on my weight loss because I became more committed to ensuring that I actually lost weight. Similarly, my friends also supported me a lot and were there to motivate me when I was about to lose focus and fall back into my old habits.

Even though I knew eating a more balanced diet with healthy food was good for me, it was not too easy. I was asked to give up some of the things I love, like ice cream and chocolate, at least till I started attaining my goals, but I was not trained in moderation anymore and it was hard to cut back.

Diet for Weight Loss

A balanced diet does wonders for weight loss!

Nevertheless, I feel results are the biggest motivators. They keep you going on and keep you in the game. If you are working out and trying to lose weight in the dark, you won’t really get anywhere. When you keep track of things is when you stay passionate about progress, and that’s exactly what my trainer inculcated in me.

By the time 5 months were over, I had dropped 50 pounds and had come down to 125 pounds, with a very visible change in my body and physique. Not only did I enjoy shopping all the more, I also started getting compliments from friends and family, telling me that my hard work was paying off.

In the end however, it was about my own self of achievement and satisfaction, and I am now much more confident and in love with myself. I would like all of the women out there who have weight issues to believe that weight loss is possible, even in Dubai.

Some Tips for Weight Loss in Dubai

#1. Take the metro instead of driving

The Dubai metro is quite efficient and comfortable, especially if you invest in a gold card. Not only do you save time while traveling but you will also be getting a good walk from one station to the other.

#2. Go for early morning or late night walks/runs

The temperature in Dubai rises as the day progresses till it starts getting cooler again at night. While it’s understandable if you don’t want to go out during the day, you should try to go out for walks or runs early in the morning or late at night before bed.

#3. Try swimming instead of running

Dubai has lots of places for swimming, especially in the marina area, and it is an excellent weight loss activity to take up especially if you’re not a big fan of running and working out. I actually know a couple of ladies who wanted to lose weight in Dubai and took to swimming, and it worked for them.

#4. Hire a personal trainer

Dubai actually has some of the best personal trainers and you can easily find good male and female personal trainers to work with you and provide you a tailor-made weight loss program that works for you and has no risks of injuries.

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Do you have any tips for weight loss in Dubai? Share them here so others can also benefit from them. Meanwhile, you should follow us for more inspirational stories like this one.

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