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Strength is the weakness For Losing Weight in Dubai

This is a small part of the weight loss story from an ordinary women who worked against all odds to lose wight and get back into shape.  This is tip number one from her detailed outlook. Click here to read the full story, you will be able to utilize her tips immediately.

How to lose weight in Dubai and keep it off

How to lose weight in Dubai and keep it off

Weight Loss Tip 1 :  Strength is the weakness

Carb free breakfast was a necessity for me – it is when your five years old son goes to his friend and proudly says, “my mummy is getting bigger than my daddy”.  How embarrassing could that be? I knew I was gaining weight and told myself I will start to eat right and exercise. Week after week went by and my eating habits did not change.  One day my son looked at me and said, “you are big”, at first I thought he meant I am an adult, but he was actually talking about me being fat…

It was then that I decided it was time to get my weight in order.  One of my biggest strength was actually my main weakness.  I gained and lost weight many times and did it properly with lots of research. I read books, articles and talked to fitness experts and it was amazing how most of them individually missed the mark.  Since I knew how to lose weight and lost anywhere from 5 lb to 20 lb in the past, in the back of my head I was okay with gaining weight.  I knew exactly how to get back to being fit.  This time however, things were a bit different, I had two kids, less time to plan things, didn’t have a membership to the gym and I gained 40 extra pounds (20 pounds more than my biggest weight gain in the past).

The first important thing in losing weight is to set a goal. If you do not have weight loss goal, chances of losing are next to none.  Click here to read the full post and skip the first bit to go directly to “Reason for losing weight

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