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Top Reasons Why I Have a Personal Trainer in Dubai

Some people think they know a lot but what they forget is, even the top athletes in the world have personal trainers and coaches.  In Dubai it is imperative to have a well qualified personal trainer who can help guide you, spot you and help you attain your goals.

Even Arnold Needs Help

Even Arnold Needs Help

I have been working out at a the gym since I was 13 and have kept to a fairly steady routine ever since. Although a bit cardio heavy at times, I felt that my workouts were consistent and effective. I scoffed at the thought of paying someone to train me — after all, I can motivate myself, right?

Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to build more muscle. I have the “long and lean” look which is nice, but I wanted to actually see a bicep every once in awhile! As I started down the muscle-building path on my own, I finally came to realize that it might be beneficial to have some guidance. I wanted to make sure my form was perfect and that I was following an appropriate rep/set scheme for my body type. In addition, I wanted someone to push me farther than I could push myself and someone to help get those last reps in when my muscles were near failure.

I found my trainer by doing a search on the Internet. Actually, I was looking for someone to take boxing lessons from as well, and it worked out that my trainer-to-be did both personal training and boxing lessons. Doing a search online with the words “personal trainer” and your city name is quite effective. You can also look in the phone book, the classified ads section of your local newspaper, and, of course, your gym (although my trainer is actually at a different gym than my “main” gym).

Don’t get caught up in the package deals and purchase six or eight lessons before even training once with a potential trainer. You want a trainer you can get along with and who understands your fitness goals. If you are unhappy with the results you are seeing or want to change focus, tell your trainer. If they’re worth keeping around, they will be happy to help. In closing, here are the main benefits I have experienced from having a personal trainer:

1. Even if I’m not feeling motivated on a particular day, my trainer will push me anyway.
2. Although I know a lot about fitness, my trainer has been able to set up a great workout routine for me that has been better than anything I have been able to do myself. Plus, she keeps track of my progress and modifies my workouts accordingly.
3. My form is always correct.
4. My trainer spots me on heavy lifts, allowing me to push myself further than I would be able to do safely on my own.

I have found that having a personal trainer is well worth the money and has helped me tremendously with my fitness goals, and I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to take their workouts to the next level.

Tone Your Abs and Get a Six Pack Dubai

Tone Your Abs and Get a Six Pack

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