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Gym Equipment In Dubai : A Beginners Guide

Being a brand new member in a gym in Dubai can be a little overwhelming, especially when there are so many gyms and machines to use. This feeling can multiply if its your first time in a gym. There is so much equipment, and so much activity, you may be unsure of what machines do what.You may have had a tour, or someone explained the machines to you at one time. Here is a quick refresher and reference guide to standard equipment you find in a gym.

gym equipment guide dubai

gym equipment guide

Cardiovascular Equipment

Elliptical Machine
Elliptical machines are vary varied, and need a bit of instruction. Or, take the time to explore the different buttons and options on each elliptical machine. Also try the different types of elliptical machines in the gym to see which one or ones you like.

An elliptical machine will not impact feet or knees because your feet never leave the equipment. Some elliptical trainers feel like a cross between a treadmill and a bicycle, others are more like skiiing plus a bicycle.

Elliptical machines offer pre-preogrammed routines, timed routines, and some can go backwards. They all provide a great lower body work out.

A stairclimber is just like climbing up a flight of stairs. Except with the stairclimber, the same stairs keep moving under your feet. Adjust the speed to change your work out. The stairclimber will impact your feet, ankles and ease, as your feet are costantly being lifted from the surface of the machine. For some people this is not an issue.

Many gyms have replaced the old stairmaster with the newer elliptical trainers. A stairmaster will give you a great lower body work out, as well as tone your abdomen. The motion of the old stairmasters provided a stepping action without removing your feet from the machine.

Stationary Bicycle
Stationary Bicycles are used for spinning classes, and as cardio equipment in the gym. A stationary bicycle offers a comfortable work out for those who would like to sit during a workout. Reading a magazine during a work out works with a stationary bicycle.

Treadmills are a pretty basic piece of cardio equipment in the gym. While each brand and model varies, most treadmillls offer varying speeds for all different paces of walking or running. Treadmills are easy enough for anyone to use.

If you are comfortable jumping in and trying one of these machines at the gym, go for it. If you are at all uncomfortable or unsure about how to use the equipment, be sure to ask any gym staff, or even a fellow friendly gym member for some basic information to get you started on using the cardio equipment.

When you find a piece of cardio equipment you like, continue to explore the different levels and options of that equipment.

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