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4 Effective Torso Workouts You Can Do At Home

The torso is the human body, without the head, arms, and legs. It is also referred to as the trunk of the body. Many of us, in our workout routines, are fond of exercises that concentrate on different parts of the body; the abs, calves, chest, arm, etc. hardly do we ever think of looking at the body as a whole. The torso helps greatly to support the body, and exercising it consistently, would work on the spine, abdominal muscles, shoulders, and tone the arm effectively. Although we have exercises in parts for all these parts of the body, it is still very important that we sometimes take our time to work them as a whole.

Below are 4 effective torso workouts that you can do at home

1. Oblique toner


The oblique toner works the upper body and gives a firm upper body and a well-toned waist. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hold any weight in each hand, and keep arms by the side. Now, begin sliding one arm towards the knee, and ensure your body goes sideways and not forward or backward. Alternate sides and repeat for a handful number of times.

2. Dips


Dips helps to strengthen and tone the arms, abdominal muscles, and the shoulders. First, get a chair, and sit on its edge and place your hands next to your thighs. Keep your body balanced with your arms, while you move in front of the chair with your legs straight at the knees. Now, bend your elbows and try to lower your body by a few inches, with your shoulders down and elbows parallel to each other at an angle of 90 degrees. Then, push back to the original position, and repeat the process.

3. Plank


Plank is one of the common exercises we hear about lately, but many of us do not know its actual benefits. This exercise is a great one to strengthen your spine.

From your standing position, bend down with your hands placed in front of you. Then, attempt to lie face down, but your body shouldn’t have contact with the ground. Hold your body up with your toes and elbows or hands. Remain in this position for seconds, till you no longer can hold it. Then, relax back and take a deep breath.

4. Knee Tuck


Knee tuck is a perfect toner for the torso and helps to strengthen the core. Lie on your stomach on the floor, with your palms under your shoulders, and your legs extended behind you. Keep the balls of your feet on the floor and try to raise your body with the help of your hands. Still, in that position, lift one foot off the floor and press knee towards your upper body. At this point, you should feel your lower back bend, after which you can return to the starting position and repeat the process on the alternate leg.


Above, are four easy, interesting, and effective exercises that will help to strengthen the trunk and keep the body upright.

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