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7 Ways to Improve Your Flexibility

If you’re anything like most people, when you hear the word fitness, you’re mind probably goes to bulging biceps or having the capacity to run for miles on end without even breaking into a sweat. But flexibility (the capability of muscles to go through the full range of motion for a particular joint), is an important aspect of fitness too. Being flexible can significantly reduce your chances of developing injuries and also enhance your ability to grow stronger and bigger muscles.


Read on to learn the top 7 tips that will help you improve your flexibility today:

  1. Dynamic Stretching

It has always been thought that static stretch moves—that involve holding a muscle in place for a period of time—were the appropriate way to stretch a muscle. This line of thinking has, however, been found to be scientifically inaccurate by recent research which instead, promotes the use of dynamic warm up and stretch moves such as squats, walking lunges and jumping jacks, for promoting muscle elasticity and flexibility. Static stretch moves still retain their usefulness, though, as the ideal method for port-workout stretching and relaxation.

  1. Regular stretch days

Aside from pre and post-workout stretching, another way to increase flexibility is to have a regular stretch day—a day solely dedicated to stretching your muscles, without doing any other exercise. Preferably, this should be done on your recovery days.

  1. Avoid half-range motion

You have probably heard that doing certain exercises with half the range of motion is beneficial for building stronger muscles and this is true; but when you work out like this, it has a negative effect on the flexibility of the working joint so, if you’re looking to build flexibility (which is really a wider range of motion) then it makes sense that when you work out, you use the full range of motion possible.

  1. Regular Massages

Over time, stress from exercise and daily life may cause muscles to get tense and form knots which inhibit flexibility without you even realizing what might be happening to you. If/when this happens, getting a massage might help your muscles relax and regain their elasticity.

  1. Some Yoga

Yoga has taken 21st century pop culture by storm and while we are not able to verify its supposed spiritual effects, we can tell you that yoga moves are just the sort of thing you should be thinking of doing to improve your flexibility.

  1. Correct posture and form

Poor form during exercise will inevitably inhibit your flexibility and could possibly led to other long term effects. Much of the work of maintaining correct posture during exercise is done by having a strong core so make sure you develop your abdominal and back muscles to promote better flexibility.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Muscles are filled with water which is something a lot of people may not realize. The impact of this is that when your body is not optimally hydrated, the capacity of muscles to perform the full range of muscles is weakened, so drinking sufficient amounts of water before, during, and after exercise is important for flexibility.


Flexibility is a major part of fitness; so take the time to follow these eight tips and you will be glad you did.

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