Six Therapeutic Yoga Poses For Reproductive Health

All the major reproductive events in a woman’s life – menstruation, pregnancy and menopause- are controlled by hormones and may be accompanied by certain symptoms. Poor health and stress can adversely affect your hormone levels, so it is essential to keep well and manage stress levels. And what better way to that than through yoga?
Releasing tension in the pelvic area is crucial in improving circulation in the reproductive organs, and therefore helps to prevent premenstrual symptoms, boost your fertility and ease pregnancy aches and pains. Most of the following poses and spinal twists are recommended before getting pregnant. Avoid spinal twists during menstruation and if you’re pregnant.

1. Supported Chair Pose


This exercise will help to strengthen your thigh muscles which is quite important in childbirth. Start by standing against a wall with your feet less than hip-distance apart, about 30 cm away from the wall. Relax your arms, shoulders and facial muscles. Keep your feet still then gently slide down the wall as if you were sitting on a chair. Feel your waist against the wall and the lengthening of your lower spine as you slide down. Breathe normally. Repeat twice on a daily basis.

2. Garland Pose


This is excellent for improving the blood supply in the pelvic region and in the last few weeks of pregnancy, it can help to maneuver the baby’s head into the correct position for labor. Omit this exercise, however, if your baby is in a breech position, have had a cervical suture or suffer from hemorrhoids or painful varicose veins.

Start by practicing this position by sitting on a stool and pushing your knees open with your elbows; alternatively, hold onto the bar or another person. When you are loose enough, continue without these props, always bending your knees over your toes. Push your palms together in front of your chest and use your elbow to open up your knees and stretch out the hips. Straighten your spine and breathe comfortably. Hold for 12 breaths.

3. Tailor pose

tailor pose

Also known as the butterfly pose, this posture opens out the pelvic area, making it a great exercise to prepare you for childbirth. It also increases circulation to the reproductive organs and hips. Omit this pose if you have chronic back pain.

Start by sitting on the floor with the soles of your feet together , letting your knees relax down towards the floor. Do not strain or bounce your knees. Holding onto your feet, pull your back straight. Try to lengthen your spine upwards and sit for as long as is comfortable, aiming gradually to hold the position for 10 minutes. On finishing, straighten your legs out in front of you and relax.

4.Pelvic Floor Exercises


Together with six other ligaments, your pelvic floor muscles helps in supporting your uterus in the pelvis. These ligaments weaken during pregnancy, so it is important to strengthen them to reduce risk of backache, miscarriage and stress incontinence.
Start by placing your knees comfortably apart on the floor and rest your head on your hands. Avoid dropping your mid-spine or letting your abdomen hang down. Inhale and pull your pelvic floor up towards your uterus. Don’t contract your buttocks or abdominal muscles. Exhale and release slowly. Repeat 5 times. Gradually aim to hold the muscles, inhaling and exhaling once more, before letting go on exhale.

5. Corpse Pose


Complete your session with this pose. This can be practised on its own regularly to help stabilize your emotions pre-menstrually, ante- and post-natally.

Start by lying flat on your back with your feet less than hip-width apart. Relax your legs outwards. Keep your arms away from your trunk, palms up. Inhale deeply and lower your chin so as to stretch the back of your neck away from your shoulder. Exhale slowly and let go of the neck and shoulders, allowing them to relax on the floor. Relax your facial muscles. Your abdomen should rise and fall on exhaling.

It is very important to follow these steps accurately to prevent any risk of injury.

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