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7 Steps to Running Better

Running is one the most popular fitness activities for people trying to get fit all over the world. But a lot of people do not run efficiently or run with improper technique which leaves them prone to picking up little niggly injuries and getting tired quicker. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your runs and also to help you prevent picking up any of the number of injuries which could set you back by weeks or even months.

  1. Stretch


An incredible amount of runners keep making the mistake of heading out on their morning run without taking a few minutes to stretch first. You might not notice it very much, but your body does feel the strain of having to run without being properly stretched. Stretching prepares your muscles for the contraction and extension that they will have to do to as you run and thus will help you run more efficiently and effectively than if don’t stretch or warm up at all.

Stretching is also essential for injury prevention. Hamstring injuries are among the most common injuries experienced by runners everywhere and these are often due to the overstretching of tight hamstring muscles. Although stretching won’t necessary prevent all the risks of injury, muscle pulls and strains will be greatly mitigated.

How to stretch for running:

  1. Stay Hydrated


Drink enough water. This is important because when you run, your body loses copious amounts of water in sweat. Also, your muscles are mainly composed of protein and water so the less water you drink, the more your muscles will strain to perform effectively while you run.

It might not be very practical to carry a water bottle along with you as you run but you can get around this by drinking sufficient amounts of water before you run.

  1. Give Yourself an Energy Boost


Eating a couple of bananas 20-30 minutes before you workout will provide your body with some extra energy to keep you going as you run and just might help you run faster and longer.

  1. Keep Your Head Upright


This is another one of those mistakes so many people make when they run; your head weighs a lot (relatively) and allowing it to swing and bob around while you run actually takes a lot of energy. You should keep your head upright and looking straight ahead.

  1. Good Form


Aside from keeping your head upright, you should also:

  • Use faster strides rather than longer strides to run more efficiently.
  • Avoid running on your toes as this can be a predisposing factor for injury; instead, you should land on your heel and roll through your foot.
  • Allow your arms to move but avoid moving your shoulders as you run.
  • Avoid hunching over and keep your shoulders drawn back instead.

6. Get the Right Footwear


Getting the right footwear will help prevent running injuries and will also make running more comfortable for you. There are running shoes that are more appropriate for your body type and for your level of running so you should consult a specialist sports or shoe store for the right type of running shoes for you.

7. Run, Forest Run!


As with most things in life, your running skill will improve with practice, particularly if you follow the tips and techniques we have shown you here; so don’t procrastinate or put it off even when you don’t feel like it.


Now that we’ve shown you some tips and techniques that will help improve your running, it’s time to get out there and put them into practice. If you would like the services of a professional fitness instructor, to offer further guidance, we would be glad to connect you with someone we can trust. Please contact us at:

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