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6 Steps to a Killer Core in 6 weeks

It’s almost inarguable that well developed abdominal muscles are very attractive to pretty much everybody; so if you’re looking to improve your look and confidence, this is not a bad place to start. Perhaps, more importantly, a strong core will be essential for people looking to improve their fitness, lose weight or take up a sport, as abdominal muscles are responsible for the transmission of power between the upper and lower body. They also play an absolutely integral role in stabilizing the body and maintaining proper posture during exercise.

The core is made of a number of significant muscles, but to develop a strong core you should focus on these three: the rectus abdominis–the most visible abdominal muscle, commonly referred to as “6 pack”, is a sheet of muscle that stretches through from the sternum down to the groin area;

The transversus abdominis which is the internal layer of muscle which plays the important role of stabilizing the spine, but is not visible from outside of the body; and the side & internal oblique’s which also play in a role in helping the body to maintain the right posture.

So how do you develop these muscles?

  1. Cardio


The reason you don’t have a visible six-pack is because you have a lot of visceral fat. In fact, “not having” a six pack is a bit of a misnomer, because everyone has a fairly well-developed rectus abdominis but in some people (a lot of people actually), the rectus abdominis is covered by fat.

The good news is that belly fat is relatively easy to burn and if you do some cardiovascular exercise regularly, your body will burn significant amounts of belly fat. Running, swimming and tennis are some examples of great cardio exercises.

2. Planks


Planks are probably the most complete ab exercise, as they activate all the major abdominal muscles such as the rectus abdominis, tranversus abdominis, obliques, and as a bonus, even the quadriceps and deltoids, all at the same time.

3. Sit-ups

sit up

Sit ups are the traditional abdominal exercise for good reason: they are specifically focused on the abdominal rectus—the most visible of the abdominal muscles. So if you’re looking to develop nice looking abs, then sit-ups are a good idea.

4. Diet


Ironically, high-fat yoghurt has been found to have a significant effect in helping people get rid of belly fat so you should eat some of it in moderation. Some studies have shown that people who eat significant amounts of calcium from dairy products such as milk, get significantly higher fat loss effects on areas across their torso. So to get well-defined abs, eat a lot of dairy products.


A killer core is something almost everyone would like to have and no matter how unfit you are, if you follow these guidelines, you will see and feel impressive results within the first 6 weeks.

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