4 Ways To Stay Motivated For Exercise

Making up your mind to start working out isn’t really the main issue. Of course, the first step to losing weight is taking a decision and actually making tangible plans towards that agenda. But the big question is:  how long can you stick to those plans that you’ve made?
The beginning of a journey can be fun and all, but when you’ve traveled for so long, you begin to lose interest and begin to wonder, when you’re finally going to arrive to your destination. Same thing applies to weight loss and fitness. The beginning might be fun and all, but eventually you might find yourself in a position where you just want to give up.

Here are 4 ways you can stay motivated to keep working out daily:

1. Change your perspective

Change perspective
If you have a wrong perspective about a mission or quest, you might never fully accomplish that mission. Same thing applies to losing weight. If you keep thinking that the sole reason for exercise is for you to lose weight or to get into better shape, then you might not work towards it as efficiently.

Your purpose for working out must not be limited to just losing weight and being in better shape. Your purpose should go above that. Exercise should be seen as one of your daily ways of fighting so many life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, obesity, etc. Once you see exercise as one of your ways of staying safe and living healthy, that would be enough motivation.

2. Set realistic goals

Realistic goals
Setting a goal for yourself helps to keep you focused. Select a particular date on your calendar by which you expect to have reached this goal. A goal could be anything at all; it could just be a mission to fit into a dress or an old pair of jeans somewhere in your closet. It could also be a particular time you would like to beat, and etc.
There are different goals that could be set but you must make sure that these goals are realistic and that you can actually adapt your life around reaching this goal. Don’t set goals that you’re sure will likely be a failure.

3. Schedule a regular workout time

Time table
You need to sit down and actually choose a particular hour in the day during which you’ll be wholly dedicated to working on your body and health. Don’t just assume that you’ll exercise sometime after work or when the children have gone to bed. Chances are that something else might just come up. So it’s important that you actually sit down and think of a suitable time for you.

The best times are usually early in the mornings before you start off your day, or sometimes, late at night before going to bed.

4. Don’t just stick to one type of exercise

Variety of exercise
Humans naturally need changes and variety to stay motivated. Recent research has shown us that people who stick to a particular type of exercise daily, tend to lose motivation after a while.

Your exercise regimen does not need to consist solely of running, and you can choose on a particular day to just stay indoors and dance. You could also check the internet for variety of exercises.

You can’t honestly deny that there weren’t times when you just felt like giving up. That feeling will always come along in the long run, but each time you feel like giving up on your goals, just focus on why you started working out in the first place.

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