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6 Ways To Prevent Heart Disease In Children

Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular heart disease (CHD), comes with quite a number of risks, and in the case of children, these risks can even extend to their adult life.

CHD can generally be managed or prevented at any age, but it’s best to prevent it from childhood as it could be a lot tougher to deal with later in life.

Below are some ways by which you can prevent heart disease in children:

1. Encourage physical activity


Physical activity has to do with sustained body movement which requires expending energy. For some minutes or a couple of hours daily, you should encourage your kid to walk, run around, and perform some exercise or the other. It helps to greatly reduce the risk of developing any heart complications.

2. Choose a healthy eating plan


What we eat has a major impact on our wellness. Foods such as ice-cream, carbonated beverages, carbs, deep-fried foods, and others which contain fats and added sugars, are unhealthy for both adults and children. For healthy feeding, foods like fruits and vegetables should be taken often, and in a large quantities.

3. Healthy lifestyle

mother and child

One of the best things a child would grow up to be grateful for is the fact that he/she had a healthy lifestyle in their childhood. Some healthy lifestyle tips are:

  • Child shouldn’t spend more than 2hours on the television screen
  • Encourage up to 9 hours smooth sleep daily
  • Make exercise a habit
  • Allow fun in between work
  • Do things that stimulate laughter

4. Health education


Children shouldn’t be seen as being “too young” to know about the risks of stroke and heart disease. The more they know, they more careful they would be about their health. They should be shown what to eat and what not to eat, and given some general instructions for healthy living.

5. Regular examinations


Children should receive frequent health examinations which will help expose any danger signs and guide you on what steps to take next.


It’s never too early to start your child down the road to preventing heart disease in the future. Use these tips to help protect their health and ensure that they live a long life devoid of any heart complications.

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