4 Reasons Why You Should Work on Improving Your Posture


  1. Improved Breathing

Your breathing will be improved as you improve your posture, which in turn is so key to so many other bodily functions including stamina for physical activities. There are a lot of different ways to improve breathing capacity including through exercise but it’s so much easier when you think of the fact that you could simply improve your breathing by sitting upright whenever you sit down in your chair, at home, at school and wherever you might find yourself.

Better posture will increase your alertness, particularly when you are in a sitting position. This can be useful tool to help you keep focused and productive at wherever you find yourself. Alert people generally make better works, smarter students, sharper athletes and etc.

  1. Improve Self Confidence

There is some considerable evidence that individuals with good posture also have correspondingly high levels of confidence and self-esteem which in turn will lead to improved performance and output in various areas on life. High levels of self-confidence are also found, by most people, to be an attractive trait.

  1. Make a Good Impression on Others

There’s no real scientific explanation to this one but it does work. Improving your posture will help improve the impression you make on others which might just help you distinguish yourself at a job interview or elsewhere. Good posture projects confidence and assertiveness which are traits that generally found attractive and are consequently highly sought after.

  1. Improve Exercise Performance

Good form is critical to exercise performance in practically every sport or athletic activity as so many injuries can be linked back to performing exercises using bad form/poor posture. Even when engaged in everyday activities such as walking, lifting objects or sitting down, it is very important that you keep your spine well aligned.


The advantages of good posture are numerous and so important for living a good life. The most important aspect of this (keeping good posture), is maintaining proper spine positioning.

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