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When Is The Best Time To Stretch? Before Or After A Workout?

It is common knowledge that stretching is vital prior or post workout, it has to be done. Exercise junkies, like myself, would tell you that stretching, among other things, would help with:

Flexibility and better range of motion

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Stretching eases tightened muscles that we might get from sitting too long or just being in a particular position for a while or it could be as a result of aging. And greater range of motion in the muscles, hamstrings, spine, hips etc could be achieved with a regular stretching program as well.

Muscular coordination

Stretching helps condition, strengthen, lengthen and aligns the muscles resulting in better coordination of the various muscle groups in your body.

Relieves stress and Relaxes the body and Mind

Frequent stretching does wonders for tense muscles in the body. This releases tension, mentally and physically, giving you calming effects.There are tons of other benefits of stretching in general. The question here is the question fitness newbies ask all the time: When is the best time to stretch? Studies have shown that both times (post-exercise and pre-exercise) have their benefits. Stretching before exercising is basically meant to meant to prepare your body for the workout. It also:

Reduces Risk of Injury

Stretching before a workout can actually help prepare your muscles by lengthening, strengthening and aligning them in a way that reduces the possibility of having your tissues ruptured.
Boosts Blood Circulation/Blood Flow- Because stretching involves moves like cradle walks, arm circles, legs swings, it allows more oxygen and nutrients to be carried around the body, to the organs and muscles like the heart. This would greatly improve your strength, muscle coordination and range of motion through your workout and an overall healthier body of course.

Increases Endurance and Metabolism

This is especially helpful if the workout you’re about to do is intense. If it is, you’ll need all the endurance you can get. And a better metabolism can only be more beneficial for weight-loss and losing excess fat deposits from your body.

These are just some of the benefits you can get from stretching before you work out. It can have some dramatic effects on the efficacy of your workout. The post-exercise stretches are also very vital for your cool-down routine. They’re mainly for:


After a work-out, the muscles can become really sore and tense as a result of the lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles. Stretching loosens up/alleviates the muscles and helps them recover from the strenuous workout, easing the soreness as well as making them more flexible. Regular stretching also tears the connective tissues in the muscles and increases the range of motion of those muscles.

Improve Posture

The tense and tight muscles we get from intense workouts or sitting at the desk for hours on end are factors that contribute to poor posture. Stretching the lower back, shoulders, spine and chest can relax those muscles as well as align them accordingly for a better posture. This would dramatically improve your appearance and the functioning of your organs.

In conclusion, i would recommend you stretch for at least 5 minutes daily, with or without working out, so you reap off the benefits mentioned above.

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