Top 3 Core Training Exercises Guaranteed To Increase Balance and Flexibility

To perform efficient movements across a host of activities and tasks, we need to be able to maintain control of our body’s positioning. Balance in the body increases our ability to maintain control of a particular body position whilst performing any task with minimal postural sway. Balance exercises focus on strengthening your core muscles which regulate all balance and stability in the body. Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast all need to train their core muscles to not only improve balance during athletic and bodybuilding movements. So if you’ve been feeling a bit wobbly lately, try these core training exercises for better balance.

Hip Twist


Start by sitting comfortably with your abdominal muscles contracted and your legs lifted to a balanced position. Place your hands on the floor, facing forward. Lifting your head, lengthen your spine and stretch your legs away from you, making sure to engage your abs. Inhale deeply and point your toes. Circle your legs clockwise ten times and switch to anti-clockwise. Lastly, lower your legs several inches down and rotate ten more times on each side.

Walking Heel Toe


This is a pretty simple but very effective movement. In a standing position, make sure your spine and back bones are properly aligned and your abdominal muscles contracted. Now walk very slowly in a straight line, placing the foot infront so that the heel of the front foot touches the toes of the rear foot. With time, you will gradually get used to it, then feel free to close your eyes.

Single Leg Balance on Pillow


You will need a small pillow or cushion for this one. Start by standing on the pillow on one leg and try maintaining your balance for at least one minute. As you improve gradually, try closing your eyes or adding more pillows.

Balance exercises should be initially performed for 5 minutes a day and progressed to 10-15 minutes or longer, provided they do not cause major discomfort. Ensure that your environment is safe and prevent serious injury in-case you lose your balance and fall.

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