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The 4 Most important Benefits of Resistance Training for Runners

Many people make the mistake of thinking that running is incompatible with strength training but this is simply not true. Yes strength training will probably make you a little bit heavier, but if you’re not overdoing it, this effect should be balanced out by increased speed and other fitness benefits. Read on to find out more.


1. Speed

Strength training can actually help runners to run faster. Regardless of whether its a sprint or a marathon, having stronger legs will give you faster strides and may also increase your stride length. Strength training exercises such as squats are ideal for achieving this defect.

In sprinters, fast twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for generating power are found in higher proportions with slow -twitch muscle fibers being the dominant muscle type found in long distnace runners. So to become a faster and more durable runner, mixing in strength training alongside endurance training is a very good idea.

2. Balanced Body Composition

You might have observed that the bulk of long-distance runners appear to be rather skinny in appearance and if you would like to maintain a more balanced look, then introducing some strength training into your routine is a good idea. Traditionally, long-distance runners have shied away from this approach for fear of becoming too heavy but as we have seen in the previous point, this may not really be the case.

3. Stronger Core

The importance of a strong core or running and any other physical activity cannot be overemphasized. The core performs two very important functions during exercise: it helps protect the spine and other joints in the body by maintaining the correct posture and generates and transmits power. Having a weak core will not only prevent you from running at your optimum, but it will also leave you susceptible to picking up a number of injuries.

You might say that many runners appear to have well-defined abs and you would be right, as running helps to burn belly fat and make the underlying muscles more visible, but the truth is, visible and well defined looking abs are not always strong. You need to target these muscles for development by doing the appropriate resistance training.

4. Injury Prevention

Running places a great deal of force on the knees and other joints and running injuries are consequently very common. One good way to prevent yourself from falling prey to random running injuries is by strengthening the muscles that surround your knees and other joints. Strength exercises such as squats, calf raises are necessary to offer you some additional protection against injuries.


Introducing strength training will probably make you a faster, fitter runner and much less prone to injuries; so you really have nothing to lose (except excess weight) and so much to gain from combining running with some strength training.

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