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5 Ways Your Mental State Influences Your Fitness Training

You’ve probably heard a lot about how being happy affects your health and general success in life, but are you aware of the massive effect a confident attitude and positive thinking can have on your fitness and weight loss plans? People trying to lose weight, in particular, are much more prone to suffering from depression and a negative thought process. If you find yourself prone to falling into bad moods or thinking negative thoughts particularly about your body and self-image, then you should know tha tthese thoughts might be affecting your exercise and fitness plans.

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Here are the top five ways your fitness can benefit from you having a positive and optimistic outlook:

  1. Optimistic People Have A Higher Rate Of Success

People with an optimistic outlook will generally perform significantly better at sports and fitness training, than people with a more pessimistic outlook, according to numerous studies. It has been observed that high confidence levels, ahead of a strenuous task, seems to trigger the release of hormones which support in that activity.

  1. Optimists Will Go Further And Beyond

Generally, cheerful, happy people, will tend to willingly go further and beyond, to tackle whatever challenges might come their way. You might have observed that when you’re in a happier mood, you tend to attempt harder challenges and of course this is the way to improve your fitness gains.

  1. Much Less Likely to Quit

Optimistic, confident people, will not only attempt to get as much as they can out of their workout sessions, but they are much more likely to stick with it even when it gets boring or they hit a plateau.

  1. Depression And Stress Can Lead To Muscle Pain

The mental and psychological effects of depression and a negative mindset are well known but not many people know that mental stress can also translate to stress and tension on the muscles which eventually could lead to chronic pain.

  1. A positive outlook helps deal with pain better

Working out can be painful, especially when done at a high intensity. This is perhaps one reason why a lot of people give up on their fitness goals within a few days or weeks. While it is almost impossible to promise you that there is a way to exercise without feeling the pain, the body does have its own natural way of dealing with pain (by releasing the hormone, dopamine) and you might be able to trigger a release of more dopamine simply by being more confident and happy. Dopamine primarily acts as a pain killer and having higher levels of it in circulation, in your body,  will help alleviate soreness and other effects of training, leaving you less likely to pick up injuries.


It pays to keep up a happy, positive outlook and frame of mind at all times, and especially, heading into your workout.

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