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How to Get the Perfect Posture in 6 Steps


  1. Strengthen Back Muscles

Your back is the single largest area of your body that is responsible for your posture. There are several important muscles in this region and, of course, the spinal cord itself which is pretty much the most important contributor to posture. You can strengthen the muscles in the back by doing exercises to strengthen the back such as push-ups and pull-ups.

  1. Strengthen Chest Muscles

While you need strong muscles in your back for a better posture, this alone will not be sufficient to improve your posture. In fact, stronger muscles in the back without correspondingly strong muscles in the chest area will result in an imbalance which itself could worsen your posture. This is because the muscles in the back and the chest, respectively, are opposing muscles. The good news is that simple exercises such as push-ups could help you develop these areas simultaneously.

  1. Strengthen the Core

There are few muscles in the body as important as those in the core. These muscles have the primary job of stabilizing the spine, particularly during motion, and transmitting power between the lower and upper limbs. Sometimes poor posture is simply the result of a weak core.

  1. Strengthen Glutes and Other Lower Limb Muscles

Although poor posture is more visible in the upper body, weak muscles and structural imbalances in the lower limbs can also lead to poor posture and other related complications such as back pain. The muscles in your butt (gluteus family) and hips are responsible for controlling and directing the motion of your legs and if these muscles are weakened, other muscles will have to step in to compensate which could very likely lead to pain and poor posture.

  1. Stretch Neck and Spine

Technically, the neck is an extension of the spine and these bones can get compressed by the weight of your head particularly if you let your head droop habitually. The spine is also put under a lot of strain and pressure from everyday activities and much more so if you’re actively engaged in sports or fitness training, so you should make it a habit to stretch your spine as much as possible.

  1. Watch how you sit

Lots of people slouch when they sit, and spend quite a bit of time sitting, either in school or at work or in other places. The consequence is poor posture which will spill over and affect you even at times when you’re not sitting. You should consciously make an effort to sit up straight and be sure to tuck your butt in as much as possible whenever you sit down.

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