Four types of exercises and their benefits

Exercise is a series of physical actions done in order to fine tune the body and this is generally regarded as a good and healthy thing.

The good thing about exercise is that you do not have to train rigorously but just train regularly. Something as small as strolling can have a huge impact on your health if you do it regularly and consistently.

There are different types of exercises each designed to do one or more things in the body. Below is a list of four types of exercises and their benefits on our health.

Aerobic Exercises

aerobic exercise

Aerobic (refers to oxygen) exercises are those that help you consume oxygen better and it involves the movement of large muscle masses in the body to help improve metabolism and strengthen muscles.

Aerobic exercises are also called cardiovascular exercises which helps to strengthen muscles including heart muscles and muscles of other internal organs.

This type of exercise is one of continuous motion like playing tennis, cycling, fast walking, dancing, running and swimming, all of which strengthen your heart, and deepens and increases your breathing.

These exercises are one of the easiest types of exercises and they reduce the chances of having cancer, heart diseases and Type-2 diabetes. This type of exercise also burns off calories and reduces weight and they also make you feel good as hormones are released in the brain.

Anaerobic Exercises


Anaerobic exercises are types of exercises in which the muscles of the body are put under intense strain in order to build them.

The most common type of anaerobic exercise is strength training which uses a motion or force that is opposite to that of the muscles in order to build them.

Weight exercises (which can be lifting weights) and resistance exercises (which can be stretching a big, strong string) are the most common types of strength training.

These exercises stop bone loss (osteoporosis), adding density instead  to your bones and increasing your muscle mass and tone thereby increasing your metabolism rate, giving you more strength, so you end up having more strength to do more things you want to do in life.

This in turn gives you a more joyful and bouncy appearance and approach in and to life.

Flexibility Exercises


Flexibility exercises are designed to improve the motion and fluency of your muscles and joints, and may include stretching muscles and doing yoga.

They prevent cramps by stretching muscles so they do not tighten and relieve stress that has been building up in the muscles for days so that relax.

Stretching also improves your posture and relaxes overworked muscles, preventing any harm or injury from occurring in them.

Stability Exercises


Stability exercises are those that help you maintain balance such as the bird dog posture which is, balancing yourself on one hand and a leg on the floor while the other hand and leg are in the air. These help sync the movements of your joints, giving you greater control, and strengthening your body muscles.

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