Exercises To Improve Your Balance

It’s very annoying when you try to balance your body in a particular position and you can’t. More so because we perform activities on a daily basis that require balance and we definitely will have an easier time performing these tasks if we have the right balance. We reveal in this article, 5 great exercises that will help boost your balance.

#1. Stork Swim:


This is an exercise that improves your balance because you constantly have to shift your body weight and strengthen your stabilizing muscles. You may have done this before but to perform this exercise effectively, follow the following;

Balance on your left foot, bend your right knee and raise it up to hip level.

Reach both of your hands straight out in front of you

Then bend forward and extend your right leg straight out behind you

You can hold this for about ten seconds or more over 25 reps from starting position.

Don’t forget to switch legs!

#2. T-Slide:


This is a bit more complicated than the first because it requires you to stand on your tip toes and forces you to engage your core muscles. To perform this;

Stand with your feet together and lift your heels off the floor to come to a balancing position on your toes.

Stretch your hands out to your sides with your palms facing forward

With your arms, inch forward

Do about 25 reps of these

Professionals suggest you incorporate weights into this activity as you get better at it.

#3. Russian Twist:


This is Russian, so you expect it to be good.

Sit on the floor, bend your knees, and cross your right foot over your left foot at the ankle.

Place your hands on your knees, lift your feet off the floor, and lean back at approximately a 45 degree angle.

With your hands in front of you, lower your elbow toward the floor0

Aim at repeating this 25 times as reps

Remember to switch sides.

#4. Leg swings:


This is another effective balance training exercise. To perform it;

Stand on your right leg and raise your left leg 4-6 inches off the floor

With your arms at your sides, swing your left leg forth and back touching the floor for balance. You should try to keep your torso engaged during this

Then, swing your left foot to the left side and hold your right arm out

Aim for about 25 reps

Don’t forget to always switch sides and legs.

#5. One legged squat:


This is an intense balance workout. This is very similar to a squat, but not absolutely. Here, you need to;

Stand with your feet apart

Point your left foot out, barely touching the floor for balance

Then push your hips down into the one-legged squat position. You may almost fall, but with time or a few more tries, you’ll be fine.

Your right knee should be bent, chest upright, and your arms outstretched.

Repeat this over about 10 reps and you can increase your reps as you get better and more used to it.

This positions for balance may seem like they’re simply pointing out the fact that you have bad balance at first. But if you keep up with them, your balance wouldn’t just be better when you do this exercises but any other one that requires balance.

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