The Top 5 Upper Body Exercises For Women

The muscles in the upper body are very important and play a number of  roles in the body, from generating and transmitting power, to stabilizing the body during motion and dynamic exercise, maintaining proper posture and even enhancing attractiveness. Also, increasing muscle mass is a very smart and effective way to enhance weight loss so if you’re currently trying to lose weight, incorporating some upper body muscle building into your workout plan is a good idea. Here are a few simple exercises that women can do to develop their upper body muscles:

Wall push up

push up

If you have back issues or are beginner at upper body training, this is a good way to start, and could be considered the foundation of more advanced chest exercises like proper push-ups. Here is how you do the wall push up: stand a few feet from a wall, lift your arms to shoulder level and place your palms on the wall a little bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Then back your feet away from the wall so that your shoulders are bent as you lean into the wall with your arms. Now inhale and exhale slowly as you push yourself off the wall with your arms. Repeat 15-20 times per set.

Chest press

chest press

The chest press is a bench exercise, and it can be performed with free weights. It works both your chest and arms and the only tool it requires is a set of barbells, but don’t choose the the lightest ones you can find though. To do this exercise, lie with your back against a bench, and your upper arms aligned straight with your shoulders your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold a weight in each hand palms facing inwards and extend arms in a smooth motion until they are fully extended above you. Return to original position and repeat.

The Plank


The plank is one of those multi-purpose exercises that works multiple muscles in the upper body and even a few in the lower body too. To perform the plank, stretch out four body on the ground, using your feet and forearms for support.  Make sure that your body is fully straightened out such that you could draw a perfectly straight line from your heels through your pelvis to your forehead. Stay in this position for about 60 seconds, then return to your original position and repeat.

Tricep lift


Doing this move the right way will help build your triceps. To do the tricep lift, grip a dumbell with both hands and raise them above your head, keeping your upper arms flush against the side of your head. Lower your forearms behind your head, then raise them back up to their original position and repeat the move 15-20 more times.

Back pack push up.

Push up

This move doesn’t need require any gym equipment and you can do it at home too if you want. It is a chest and arms exercise and to do it, take a fitting backpack with padded shoulders and fill it up with non-sharp items to get it to have weight. Get into position with the back pack firmly on your back and then preform push-ups in the regular way. The heavier the back pack, the harder the push ups. Repeat 15-20 more times per set.

Improving your chest and upper body muscle strength, size and definition is one sure way to improve your sports performance, lose weight and simply look better; so take our advice and starting doing these five very simple upper body exercises for women. You won’t regret it if you do!

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