Everything You Need To Know About Creatine

If you’ve done any bit of research on supplements and foods you could eat to aid in your fitness quest, the name creatine has probably popped up quite a bit. You’ll hear from nearly every fitness enthusiast and trainer, just how great creatine works and how you should be using it to help you achieve your goals faster. But perhaps you’d like to know just what exactly creatine is and how it does it’s work so you could make an informed judgment for yourself. We will give you all the information you need and will show you how to use it for best results.

1. Creatine helps in muscle building

muscle building


If weight loss is strictly your goal then creatine may not exactly be the supplement for you. Creatine works by drawing in water into muscle fibers which enables them to absorb more nutrients for growth, as well as aiding in protein synthesis. The result of the increase in water content of the muscle fibers, will be an increase in weight as the muscles become denser, which if followed up with an effective cardio and strength training program will actually aid in weight loss.

2. Creatine is not a magic muscle growth pill


While creatine will indeed cause muscle fibers to absorb more water, it will not automatically lead to stronger or larger muscles if you’re not actively working these muscles out with effective strength training. You could think of creatine as being the ultimate aid to muscle building, rather than being the actual muscle builder itself. You’re still going to need to work hard to get the results you would like to see.

3. Does Creatine work the same way for everyone?


If you’ve read through everything we’ve said about creatine so far, and are wondering why you read a review on the internet of some guy claiming creatine is no good as it simply didn’t work for him, then the answer is simply this: no, creatine does not work the same for every individual. In fact, in some, it might have no noticeable effect at all. Sadly there is no way to determine beforehand if you’re going to be the one of the unlucky few who experiences minimal to no gain from using creation.

4. Creatine is relatively safe

 relatively safe

All the published clinical trials of creatine have thus far shown it to be very safe and relatively harmless for most people. There has been some thought that creatine could trigger or worsen kidney related problems but the available evidence points to the contrary and you should be perfectly safe using this supplement.

5. Creatine is found in the body naturally

found in the body naturally

Creatinine is a perfectly natural substance that is usually extracted from food and stored in the body. Specifically, protein foods are excellent sources of creatine. You might not need to take more creatine supplements if you simply include the right kinds of proteins in your diet.


All things being considered, creatine might not be the solution you need particularly if you are not into sports or athletics at a very high level, and your diet already contains adequate amounts of protein. If you do choose to use it, however, it will help you build stronger and bigger muscles in conjunction with effective strength training.

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